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Free Resources to Help Tradespeople With COVID-19

April 8, 2020

It’s no secret, the past few weeks have seen us all experience significant changes to our lives. Many tradespeople are finding it hard to keep up with all of the COVID-19(coronavirus) updates and work out exactly what they mean for their trade businesses.
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To help, we’ve launched Safe & Sound -  a website dedicated to providing relevant information, resources, and support for tradespeople and their businesses during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

On this site, you’ll find:

  • Links to government updates - monitored daily
  • A summary of the impact these updates have on tradespeople and their businesses
  • A summary of relevant COVID-19 news and articles - updated daily
  • Helpful blogs, resources and tools covering coronavirus related topics

Here are a few of the resources we have available on the Safe and Sound website today, and we’re working on a bunch more.

Financial assistance for tradespeople: what you need to know

We know many trade businesses are struggling to understand what financial assistance options are available to help soften the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. To help, we’ve looked into and summarised what financial assistance options are available for tradespeople in Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. We’ve also provided links to begin application processes.

How to get a handle on your cash flow in a COVID-19 world

Cash Flow 1200 x 629

As if managing a trade business isn’t tough enough during good economic times, suddenly things are likely to get way harder. Due to declining income, managing cash flow is going to be a challenge for many trade businesses over the next few months. In this blog, we share a few tips and tools that could help you forecast and manage your cash flow, including a downloadable cash flow forecast template and guide.

A health and safety checklist for tradespeople during COVID-19

Health & Safety 1200 x 629

In this blog, we provide a checklist tradespeople & trade businesses can implement now or when you return to work to mitigate the risk coronavirus presents for themselves, their families and their customers. Review the list and compare these guidelines with how your business is currently operating.

Five things tradesmen can do at home during COVID-19

5 Things 1200 x 629

If your business is temporarily shut down due to government restrictions, or your volume of jobs has started to decline, and you find yourself at home with a bit of extra time on your hands, this blog is for you. There are many things you can do to prepare for a return to a new normality, however it may look. In fact, a little bit of downtime might be just what you need to focus on a few often neglected areas of a trade business.

A final message

We’ll be updating the site frequently with government and industry updates, and new resources and info, so check back in regularly to get the latest updates.

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