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XU Magazine caught up with Trent Mclaren, newly appointed CEO of From The Trenches - Real life in the accounting industry. Trent is also head of strategic channels of virtual corporate card scale-up, DiviPay.

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From The Trenches is Australia’s largest grass-roots accounting community. Showcasing a community of over 2000 accountants working in public practice. 

Trent was excited to talk about the sequel to last year’s From The Trenches Summit. 

Trenches 2.0. An online accounting conference built for accountants by accountants.

Trenches Summit 2.0 is a two-day online accounting conference hosted entirely online using world-class virtual summit technology. It’s free to attend and/or a paid ticket option is available to get access to all summit recordings (with all proceeds donated to Lifeline Australia.)

Register your tickets here for the 20th & 21st June 2022.

100% of all ticket sales are being donated to Lifeline Australia for the fantastic work they’re doing to help support mental health in Australia. In what was described as one of the most trying times Australians have faced due to the pandemic and the flow on effect this has had on the economy.

“We’re really excited to bring the Trenches Summit back to the community. I’ve been involved in accounting conferences for years, as a speaker, a sponsor, a vendor and now we continue to be involved as online event organisers.” 

“We’ve been privileged to know a lot of the movers, shakers and ‘Thought-leaders’ of our industry for quite some time. There’s so many great stories that get overlooked by big conferences because commercial obligations take priority. If you’re not a big vendor paying top dollar, you’re not welcome to collectively share your ideas and help our industry move forward.”

When asked about the content program and why this is different to other online events he said,

“We’re really proud of the content program we’ve put together. It had to pass the Paul and Dave’s no BS test in order to get in the schedule. And they knock back more than they say yes too.”

“That’s what ‘From The Trenches’ has always been about and it’s important we stay true to our values.”

“Real-life in the accounting industry, right now. Not mythical vapor-ware technology that Elon Musk dreams about in his 5 mins of down time. It’s gotta be real and it’s got to be relevant.”

“We’ve got sessions for everyone. Practice Managers, Bookkeepers, SMSF Specialists. You name it, we’ve thought of it, found the best person possible to speak on it and placed it in the schedule.”

XU Magazine is proud to be a media partner and supporter of the ‘From The Trenches - Trenches Summit’ which is being hosted on the 20th and 21st June 2022.

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To register your tickets for the 20th & 21st June 2022

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