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Futrli launches invoice protection for small businesses

March 3, 2020

SMEs across the country are chasing more than £50bn worth of late payments, payments which are often critical to their survival. Futrli & Hokodo have teamed up to tackle this head on and enable small businesses to stop worrying about whether they are getting paid, and focus on what they are good at. Their business.
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The partnership is simple but the impact is great. Futrli Flow is a predictive credit controller, monitoring customers' behaviour and adjusted predicted payment dates for any invoices owed.

From within Flow, Hodoko now generates customer credit scores and enables the small business owner to protect those invoices, guaranteeing their payment and keeping cash flowing.

How does it work?

All Flow users in the UK can now see some nifty new parts in Flow, including visibility of their own credit score.

The shield next to any invoice in Futrli Flow provides an instant insurance quote provided by Hokodo. This informs how much of the invoice can be protected (it’s usually 90% of the total) and how much it would cost to insure - typically between 0.5% and 2% of the invoice value. To get protected, just click the button and it’s covered.

Posts in Flow Actionfeed will continue to highlight invoices that might need to be protected.

Small business owners can cross reference their customers’ credit scores against their other metrics from within Flow, such as average sales, customer dependence and customer trends to get a true handle of their business.

How does invoice protection work?

Invoices can be protected on a pay as you go basis, meaning there is no contract or subscription. From the Flow In page, click the shield icon next to an invoice to start the protection process. Once completed the shield icon turns green next to an invoice and links directly to the policy document for you to download for your records.

Get cash flowing for small businesses, Futrli.

Why leave it there?

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