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FYI x myprosperity: Taking automation to a whole new level

July 5, 2021

I am super excited to announce our latest addition to the myprosperity integration suite. From July 2021, accountants using document management and process automation specialist FYI can access myprosperity’s powerful client portal. You can offer your clients a holistic and seamless digital experience for managing all their financial affairs in one place. Increase your efficiencies and use that valuable time to unlock deeper client insights that surface new revenue opportunities for your practice.
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Feedback from our beta clients has been incredibly positive with accountants excited by the blend of back office automation and creating an awesome client experience. A big shout out to Rob Cameron, Alan McLeod and the team at FYI. It’s always great to work with leading tech companies that share our passion for helping accountants and advisers to deliver a world-class experience to their clients.

Go paperless with a streamlined digital workflow

We’re always on a mission to streamline the digital experience for accountants and their clients. Whether that’s through technology that does the heavy lifting in how you engage and collect data from your clients to maximising efficiencies with digital document storage and signing. We want to ensure accountants can focus on what they do best – being the trusted advisor. This is why I’m thrilled to announce our integration with FYI, the must-have time saving solution for accountants with secure doc storage and signing at your fingertips. Using the combined power of our two platforms, FYI users can invite their clients to sign or upload documents within myprosperity. They are notified to join the portal, where their documents can be signed, then automatically stored on both platforms – giving you and your clients 24/7 access to important documents.

Unlock valuable client insights

While signing and adding documents is the gateway to the portal, there is much to be discovered about clients once their assets and accounts are added. Accountants can unearth unmet needs (opportunities) using the portal’s powerful analytics to generate new revenue streams, while providing clients with the best technology to oversee their entire financial world.

Continuing to build our ‘whole of wealth’ platform

With more and more households and clients joining myprosperity everyday, it’s important to us that we deliver a streamlined digital experience that delights and inspires, bringing their financial world into one place. FYI plays an important role in accelerating our vision for a ‘whole of wealth’ approach to financial services. But myprosperity’s workflow automation doesn’t stop here. Our team is determined to continue developing solutions that cut down accountant’s time spent on the mundane tasks. Our partnerships with leading software providers are what makes myprosperity an invaluable asset for the tech-led firm. I’m proud to see our integrations with the likes of Xero, BGL, and now FYI deliver tangible results as accountants draw together valuable insights in myprosperity and deliver meaningful outcomes to their clients.

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