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G-Accon’s End-of-the-Year Wins Featuring Top-Tier G2 Awards

December 19, 2023

With this year almost coming to an end, we’re proud to share our G2 wins from the latest Winter Reports. From top-notch badges to incredible customer reviews, read on for highlights of G-Accon’s impressive achievements in 2023 – it’s time to celebrate!
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G-Accon has recently been awarded 25 badges across several Financial Reporting categories for the G2 Winter 2024 Reports, including:

  • Financial Analysis (11),
  • Budgeting and Forecasting (11),
  • Cash Flow Management (2),
  • and Google Workspace for Finance (1).

Additionally, we have secured first place in several categories such as Mid-Market Best Results, Mid-Market Best Est. ROI, Mid-Market Most Implementable, and Mid-Market Fastest Implementation.

In this article, we’re honoring how our team of professionals has made this achievement possible by ensuring G-Accon’s next release is even better than the last. Also, we want to give a great shoutout to our user community lauding us for our excellent product quality.

With these recognitions in hand, we’re humbled and eager to continue supporting your business financial analysis throughout 2024.

G2’s Seasonal Rankings Focus on Quality

G2 stands as an unbiased, reputable review platform, based on authentic feedback from customers across various software and service offerings. Their seasonal reports shine a light on how users engage with our solution, shaping our commitment to continuous improvement.

These quarterly-based insights are instrumental in tracking our performance and market presence against our competitors’ pulse. G2’s badges are earned through a blend of customer feedback and the platform’s metrics, highlighting areas of excellence.

Explore with us the specifics of our achievements. Let’s talk about the results!

Dominating the Financial Analysis Best Results for Mid-Market

According to G2’s Financial Analysis Market definition, the product included for this season “has received both a minimum of 10 reviews and 5 responses from real users for each of the results-related questions.”

G2’s Winter 2024 Rankings for G-Accon featured our financial analysis services as the best in its category. Our persistent efforts to satisfy clients with personalized customer support followed by an intuitive UI are paying off, keeping us at the top spot with a result score of 88%.

Among the factors contributing to our winning product’s overall Results score we find:

  • The likelihood of being recommended is 96%,
  • Meeting the requirements with 91%,
  • Average user adoption of 76%,
  • Our Estimated ROI (months) is 3.0 (being 10.4 the average in this category),
  • and our Time to Go Live is 0.17 (compared to the 2.1-month average!).

With our platform, there’s no room for doubt or second-guessing. Our goal will always be to make sure that you’re supported with your data integration so you capitalize on your business’s financial capabilities.

Outstanding Financial Analysis Implementation Validated

Our product was put to the test and surpassed the set expectations. G2 explains that the overall implementation score is affected by customer satisfaction with the set-up process, the implementation method used by customers, and the number of reviews received on G2.

When it comes to the Mid-Market Implementation Index for Financial Analysis this Winter 2024, we also top the chart as the number one go-to solution. In comparison to our competitors, the differentiating factors to our win are:

  • Ease of setup (93%),
  • Average user adoption (76%),
  • and an Overall Implementation score of 88%.

As you can see, we can guide your business toward steady yet speedy implementation and seamless automation to enhance accurate financial reporting and analysis. With a full suite of features designed with the user in mind — from customizable dashboards to automated workflows — our product stands out.

We believe these factors combined make G-Accon a cost-efficient, reliable solution for financial planning and analysis on the market.

High-Rated Features for the EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) region

The EMEA Regional Grid® Report for Financial Analysis for Winter 2024, highlights G-Accon’s expansive global market presence. That’s what we strive for. We are dedicated to understanding and meeting the unique requirements of small and mid-market companies worldwide. We recognize the wants and needs of small and mid-market companies with targeted solutions built into our platform.

The reasons behind this success are top performance in the following highest-rated features and steadfast satisfaction ratings:

  • Data Import (93%), Standard Reports (91%), and Data Consolidation (91%).

High Performer in the Cash Flow Management Grid Reports

  • Resolutive Cash Flow Management satisfaction rankings parameters prove us on the right track too: Product Going in the Right Direction (100%), Likelihood to Recommend (96%), Meets Requirements (93%), Ease of Admin (95%), Ease of Setup (96%), and Quality of Support (94%).
  • Features comparison for Cash Flow Forecasting are also highly competent: Historical data (90%), Reforecasting (84%), Forecast types (80%), and Rolling forecasts (83%).
  • Cash Flow Management features continue to be solid: File Exports (84%), Income and Expenses (92%), and Track Cash Flow (89%).
  • Financial Data Transfer results show consistent, high-performing scores as well: Data Transfer (93%), Data Exchange (90%), Reporting (95%), Access (95%), and Integration (96%).

Our clients’ top industries represented in this report–those who are actively using our product–are accounting, marketing and advertising, computer software, consulting, and information and services, as this graphic exemplifies:

Consistent Customer Satisfaction Success

A key metric to measure success, and further hone our product for the best user experience, we aimed to nail customer satisfaction scores this year. For G2 standards, the more reviews a product receives, the more accurate and trustful it is.

Have a look at what our customers have to say about G-Accon on their platform:

This was reflected in our Usability scores for this winter season. Preceded by an overall Usability score of 90%, our highlighted scores are:

●  Ease of use (87%),

●  Ease of admin (92%),

●  Meets the requirements (91%),

●  and average user adoption (78%).

At G-Accon, customer satisfaction is at the heart of what we do. We take seriously our customer’s voices. That’s why we encourage them to reach out. We’re proud to be the top-rated financial analysis tool not only in this report but also in terms of customer reviews.

Thanks once again to our customers for placing us at the top of the G2 reports in the financial software industry. We encourage you all to read or leave a review.

Top-of-the-Industry Financial Clarity

Our best-in-class customization capabilities and easy-to-use reports give our customers the capability to make accurate data-driven decisions. When you choose us, you instantly have access to the best reporting tools for understanding, predicting, and managing finances with confidence. See what benefits are waiting for you:

●  Full control over customizable business reporting.

●  Powerful mapping tools that provide visibility into key metrics.

●  Automated analytics and forecasting that simplify complex tasks.

We understand how important it is to start another year with reliable financial management and resolutive data backing up your financial reporting. It’s our commitment to delivering financial data clarity that gives customers peace of mind today so they can succeed tomorrow.

Put a stop to your guesswork for 2024 – gain future-proof financial clarity now! Try G-Accon today and see what sets us apart so you can start planning smarter and faster.

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