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General Update – 19th October 2023

October 23, 2023

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Require Users to re-authenticate in the mobile app when a password is changed

When a Rave User’s password is changed, they are forced to sign in again using their password in the mobile app.

Passwords are now required to be a minimum of 12 characters. A peek eyeball has also been added to view password.

A timestamp will also be stored when a user’s password is updated.

Addition of ‘My Task’ sub-tab to Site Manager login

Site Managers now have a My Tasks sub-tab to view, when logged in to the web browser and mobile app. This addition allows Site Managers to see all tasks assigned to them.

Add an additional contact to Suppliers

RAVE’s Financial Management System has just launched an exciting new feature which allows you to add an additional contact to a Supplier’ profile, with the choice of including them (or not) on request notifications. Visibility of additional contacts is provided via a new additional contact icon, and additional contacts will also be displayed in the project’s Audit Trail too.

To make it easier to identify if you have added extra contacts, we’ve introduced an icon next to the supplier column.

The Audit trail will show all additional request recipients when the action is logged.

> An ‘Add an Additional Supplier Contact’ FAQ guide is available from the RAVE Help portal.

Set “Reply To” email as the operator’s email for Quote requests and PO’s

Prior to this update, when a Quote request or Purchase order was sent, the ‘reply to’ email would go to the branch’s financial default email address (settings), and not the user who caused the notification to occur. In Rave’s recent update, when notification recipients click ‘reply’ on a notification email, the ‘reply to’ address is automatically filled with the email address of the user responsible for triggering the notification. The following emails were updated:

  • purchase order cancelled
  • purchase order created
  • purchase order resent
  • quote request created
  • quote request cancelled
  • invoiceable variation created

Addition of GST exclusive pricing to account emails for the line item and line total

We now show GST exclusive pricing for line items and line item totals on single and multi-invoiceable email notifications to accounts.

The new note is added to the bottom of the email above the ‘LOG INTO’ view box.


Include the Client ‘Scope of Work’ in Email to Client when an Estimate is sent

When we send or resend an estimate or variation proposal, the client scope will now show on the email if there is a client scope completed.

The tool tip will update to say “Include a personal message to the client” at the top of the proposal and in the body of the email.

An item “CODE” (product inventory) has been added to the detailed transaction report with the ability to search the code

Rave Users now have the option to view the item code on the ‘Detailed Transaction Report’ page, and can conveniently search for the code using the search box. Furthermore, the CSV export includes a dedicated column for the item code.

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