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General Update – 26 July 2023

July 26, 2023

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RAVE FMS New ‘Charge Up’ Report – RAVE Financial New Feature
RAVE’s FMS recently released a new ‘Charge Up’ report – available from the Charge Up sub-tab within a project’s Budget workflows. This page displays your project’s ‘Estimate Total’ vs what has been ‘Invoiced’ to date, and the ‘Balance’ still to be invoiced – including any variations – with handy colour coding, allowing you to quickly identify what you have, and haven’t charged your client yet.

> A ‘RAVE’s FMS Charge Up Report’ FAQ guide is available from the RAVE Help portal

New ‘Charge Up’ Report PDF – RAVE Financial Update
RAVE FMS users running a ‘Charge Up’ report now have the ability to generate a ‘Charge Up’ Report PDF – which allows them to easily show their clients the total of invoices vs what they estimated – broken down by key project details and category totals.

Improvements to Branch Profitability Reports – RAVE Financial Update
A number of improvements have been made to the content and how the “Branch Profitability” and the “Job Profitability’ reports look. They also include estimate variations/variations in the project value now – to provide a full job overview from both reports.


More space for Branch Variation Signing Notes – RAVE Accounts Update
The limit for branch variation signing notes has been increased from 250 to 2,000 characters

Progress Payment Invoice Credit Notes added to the Settlement StatementRAVE Accounts Update
Updated as above

Contractor + Supplier headings added to the Creating Quotes Contact list – RAVE Financial Update
Contractor and Supplier headers have been added to separate contractors from suppliers when searching via the Create Quote FMS contact list.

Lot Number + Subdivision Name added to Purchase Order emails – RAVE Financial Update
Updated as above

% Remaining of Balance’ added to the Charge Up report’s CSV export – RAVE Financial Update
Updated as above

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