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General Update – 9th November 2023

November 9, 2023

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The addition of a new proposal style “Streamlined No Pricing Lines”, and a new proposal option “Show Raw Cost Pricing” that can be applied to any proposal style.

We have recently added 2 new proposal styles to the Client Estimate subtab. Now when you generate a proposal you have the added proposal style – “streamlined no pricing lines” as well as a new proposal tick box option – “show raw cost pricing”.

> A ‘How to Create a Client Proposal/Estimate via the Estimate sub-tab’ FAQ guide is available from the RAVE Help portal.

Show ‘Project Name’ on the Build Overview Gantt tooltip for office users

Before, Rave users needed to scroll back on the Build Overview Gantt to view the project ID column as this information wasn’t shown on the tooltip. Now, users can easily see the Project ID for each task on the Build Overview Gantt simply by hovering over the task row, eliminating the need to scroll back.

“Invite as a Contractor” button converts additional supplier contacts to contractor secondary emails

When users switch Supplier contacts to Contractor contacts using the “Invite as a Contractor” button, any extra supplier contacts get transformed into the contractors’ secondary emails. This ensures that an extra supplier email will remain if that supplier is invited as a contractor.


Archived Suppliers are now searchable in the Contacts field

When users archived a supplier they could no longer search the company name to find old Bills In, Purchase Order or Credit Notes. These are now searchable in the contact filter.

Estimate Version and Variation proposals now have the “reply to” address set to the sender’s email address

Prior to this refinement, when a client replied to a variation or estimate proposal email, the ‘reply to’ was

When a client replies to a variation or estimate proposal email, the Rave user will now receive the reply to their external email.

Project Message/Reply Emails “Reply To” is set to the message author

Prior to this update, when a user ticked the “send as an email” checkbox, on the  messages subtab the recipient was unable to reply to the email because the reply to is

When a user replies to a message or comment email, the Rave user will now receive the reply to their external email.

Remove “Need Help” in favour of a “Reset Password” Link

The “Need Help” button on Rave’s main login screen has now been replaced with a “reset Password” link.

Add an Excluding GST Column in the Charge-Up report

Prior to this refinement, Rave’s Charge-up report exclusively showed dollar amounts that included GST. Rave now has the ability to show both the GST-inclusive and exclusive pricing on the Charge-up report. Additionally, there is an option to export this information to a CSV file or save it as a PDF.

CSV Export

PDF Export

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