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Generate additional revenue, build better relationships and really help clients in their time of need using Funding by Clarity

December 11, 2020

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Hot on the heels of our November product release of Financial Plan, Clarity have launched; Funding by Clarity; powered by Capitalise.Generate funding requirements (before your client comes to you) and go through the whole process to help your client get funded in one platform.

Compare the Market

You’ve likely seen Compare the Market adverts? Well now you can easily help your clients (and their plans) get funded – at the click of a button! Clarity‘s Portfolio View lets you proactively see your entire client portfolio at a glance and those clients that may need a funding solution. By sorting your clients by core cash gap, Portfolio View allows you to identify the clients that you need to contact first.

‘Planning to Funding’ in one conversation

Working with your clients to build an Action Plan and/or Financial Plan within Clarity also allows you to understand how any future plans may affect their cash position and hence the need for funding. Timing is critical with the end of CBILS in January and unexpected tax bills due over the coming months. In order for small businesses to survive and thrive in 2021 and beyond, actionable strategies and business plans must be delivered together with a supporting loan or cash-flow solution. Put simply, Funding by Clarity means you can create a strategy and business plan for all your small business clients, and help them fund it, within the same platform. The funding plan function within Clarity uses the information you have collated with your client and presents the most suitable solutions.

3 Step Process

Accountants, bookkeepers and advisors are best placed and have the necessary skills and perspective to help their clients as they consider and apply for a business loan. Clients particularly need assistance qualifying their financial needs, quantifying current and projected performance, and presenting a winning loan package.

You can follow our three step process to make sure that you have covered the most important points and gathered the necessary information to ensure the best chance of success. This process is a basic working paper to help you manage risk and position the work that you’re doing for them. You do not have to use this! But we like to make things as quick and easy as possible for you (and your team) to deliver.

Get Started Today

Funding by Clarity is live NOW. Contact one of the team today to get started or join #TeamClarity on Monday 14th December 11am GMT for a practical web-event showcasing how to ensure the best chance of success for your clients and their funding needs using Clarity.

This is a huge opportunity for accountants to generate additional revenue, build better relationships and to really help clients in their time of need.

This session will be available ON-DEMAND so please register for a recording.

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