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Get Paid Faster with GuruPay - No More Chasing Payments

August 11, 2023

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Get Paid Faster - Improve Cashflow - Decrease Stress

Chasing payments on your invoices is one of the most painful, time-consuming and necessary parts of being in small business.

Australia, sadly, has some of the slowest invoice payment rates in the world, meaning that SMBs are acting as a defacto lender for their customers, and that impacts your cashflow, stress levels, and ability to work on your business.

Introducing GuruPay

To help our small business customers get paid faster, WorkGuru is pleased to announce GuruPay - a collaboration between WorkGuru, and our friends at Pinch Payments.

GuruPay will allow you to take Payments by Debit and Credit Card (and eventually by Direct Debit straight from Australian bank accounts) by including a payment link right in your WorkGuru invoice email. This means that you can get paid faster, and stop chasing people for cash!

You can even choose to on-charge the processing Fees.

Is it Safe?

Absolutely! None of your Client's credit card details are ever stored in WorkGuru or on our servers. We use Pinch's World Class API and Payments backbone, and integrate it right into WorkGuru so there's no need for messy integrations, or trying to linking separate systems together.

How Do I Get It?

To sign up - go to the GuruPay section of your WorkGuru account (in the left Menu bar). You'll need admin access to see it, but we've also included a short-cut link to it in the button below.

Simply fill out the business identification questions, submit your identity document and bank statement (both required to open payment processing account) and you'll be ready to run in no time.

Why leave it there?

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