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Here’s to our Canadian bookkeepers

February 24, 2021

At Xero, we believe bookkeepers are the backbone of small business. They are there day-to-day to provide a personalised service to their small business clients. This ongoing relationship is especially important so that when the bookkeeper shares the files with the accountant at the end of the year, the data is up-to-date and accurate. This not only benefits the small businesses they work with, but it also ensures that CPA firms can build robust and long term relationships with their clients as well. While Xero has always believed in the value of bookkeepers, we love to celebrate Bookkeeper Awareness month and reiterate this to the small business and accounting world.
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Bookkeeping with Xero

This year during March, we have some exciting webinars planned for our favourite community:

  • March 2: Getting Started
    We look into the day-to-day transactions in Xero, customised reports, how to gain efficiencies and Canada-specific features to see how Xero can benefit you and your clients. Register here.
  • March 9: Tips and Tricks
    Check out features like cash coding, bank rules and find and recode as the perfect features for bookkeepers. Register here.
  • March 16: Discover the App Ecosystem
    Xero’s app marketplace is the one-stop-shop to automate workflows and create efficiencies within your own practice and with your clients. We also demo some specific Canada-specific apps. Register here.
  • March 23: Marketing your Practice
    How can you grow your business in 2021? We cover some practical marketing tips for attracting new business and how to keep your current clients happy. Register here.

Thanks to our amazing bookkeeping community, you all keep the world of small business going around!

Learn more about Xero’s features for bookkeepers here.

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