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Hey Accountants! Want to make your clients happy?

Get them money back using this automated VAT/GST reclaim solution by WAY2VAT and Xero. Now.

Increasing revenue streams has always been the main priority for all businesses. Having a fully automated VAT/GST reclaim solution eliminates the manual process an accountant must do, means their ability to detect claimable VAT is hassle-free, accurate and risk free for their clients, sound interesting?
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The problem with manual processing

Typically, refundable VAT/GST is left on the table because the invoices are difficult to read, confusing, and/or for small individual amounts. Many accountancy firms don’t normally approach low value foreign T&E understandably, because of these reasons.

The benefits of automation and AI

WAY2VAT’s fully automated, AI-based solution brings an end to the tedious, time-consuming process of preparing VAT/GST reclaims, replacing it with a much more profitable and user-friendly experience. More importantly, it allows any user to simple click and start instantly, purposely built to make this process RISK FREE and HASSLE FREE. With greater accuracy and checks there comes greater value, with up to 30% more refunds.

Increasing business innovation and revenue with one click

We are the first and only VAT/GST recovery solution on Xero marketplace. No other VAT vendor has this integration and it is typically only offered to Enterprise/Large businesses. We give you comprehensive transparency: From invoice to VAT/GST refund; it is all accessible online. Regardless of TIME. AMOUNT. PLACE. LANGUAGE. We help you, help your clients get money back quickly and efficiently and give you the same technological advantages as any business.

Why leave it there?

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