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Hirehop Equipment Rental Software adds a free maintenance app

February 2, 2023

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HireHop (, the cloud equipment rental software, has been adding new features at a rapid pace and have just released their new maintenance module that can also be run as a progressive web app on any device. The addition is free and has been automatically added to the software.

The maintenance module allows you to track repairs, log tests and services, move assets to different depots, change what an asset is, and much more.

The maintenance module is fully adaptive to all mobile devices, and can even use your phone camera as a barcode or QR code scanner. You can also use inbuilt or linked barcode scanners or an RFID reader.

Another unique feature is that it enables users to do batch tasks. So for example, if you have 50 items that you have just tested, you can use the bulk scan feature (even with the phone camera) that will let you scan the barcodes of the 50 items and then at the click of a button, it will log the 50 tests all at once.

There are numerous other features, like assigning tests or repairs to staff, logging of parts and labour, plus loads more.

The maintenance module is available for free to all HireHop users, even users using the free version of HireHop.

Other New Features

There have been numerous other updates, such as faster loading for companies that supply thousands of items per job, better Google account integration, a new API manual, new and improved reports as well as more webhooks and the ability to add custom fields in more places throughout the system.

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