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How the Deliver Wow mission is shaping our services

March 31, 2022

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Beyond Getting It Done: Trust, Ownership, Reliability

​​While we’ll always work on growing our arsenal of products and giving you more control over your money, this year we decided to set an extra goal for ourselves: we want to make sure you’re really WOWed by the products and services we’re delivering.

So we’re making a few sizeable changes to how you can share feedback on all things Revolut.

Why is ‘Deliver WOW’ important?

We truly believe we should Never Settle in what we do.

That's why our focus isn’t just on solving your problem or even just about creating a financial super app. It’s about creating positive, memorable experiences for all our customers.

It’s about making you think, or even say: “WOW.”

So in our commitment to making that a reality, we’re asking you to share honest feedback on all our products and services. That way, we can act on it. Then we can deliver those WOWs we keep going on about.

What’s changing for you?

We’ve created a new way to listen to your feedback. Now every time you chat to one of our team, fill in a form or read a help centre article, we’re going to ask you a few simple questions. Answering is optional, of course.

You might have seen our star rating system but this year, we’re not just focusing on the number of stars we receive. We’re interested in the details behind the stars. On your feelings, experience and overall satisfaction with Revolut.

We want to hear how you feel when using the app or contacting our Support Team - by sharing if it was Poor, Great, or a truly WOW Experience.

Positive or negative. Incredibly serious or just a fun idea. We want to hear it.

This change in focus also means we’re working on being even more transparent with you. Now, whenever you contact us, you’ll see the team member's personal profile and be able to read all about their journey at Revolut.

Plus, you'll be able to leave feedback for the person you’re chatting to, and be able to see feedback other customers have left.

We’re taking this super seriously and have established an internal system to make sure everyone’s feedback is heard. Plus, we’ve built a new team of Customer Experience Managers to listen to all the feedback given via our support and social media channels. They'll work closely with the Product and Services teams to prioritise and future developments.

Want to join the Dream Team?

If you've ever been WOWed by Revolut, maybe you’d like to join the team and help us deliver WOW together. You can check out our available positions here.

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