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How Time Tracking Can Simplify Your HR & Payroll Management System

July 7, 2020

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Creating an effective human resources and payroll process is essential for all companies. From compliance to accuracy, there’s no room for mistakes. Maintaining an effective, streamlined payroll management system has become even harder to accomplish as HR and payroll now have to keep track of remote workers, changes in payroll due to furloughs and layoffs, and many other changes non-essential brick-and-mortar businesses have been forced to make.

Managing this process can be tedious and time consuming. Now, as states start to reopen, HR and Payroll must adjust to the new normal of work. In order to keep everything streamlined, efficient and compliant, now may be the best time to use online time tracking software that integrates with your payroll management system, like eBillity’s Time Tracker, into effect.

The advantages of time tracking for HR & payroll

Time Tracker can help simplify payroll and keeps everything in one organized online space. Here are some of the advantages Time Tracker by eBillity can provide for your company’s HR and Payroll management systems.

Accurate timekeeping

Time Tracker allows you to track time accurately so payroll can stay legally compliant. Instead of taking hours, payroll only takes a few minutes to complete. This is done through Time Tracker’s online time cards that allows employees to easily log their time, including breaks, with a unique pin number. The software also includes facial recognition to prevent any issues, like buddy punching, from impacting the accuracy of a timesheet. Managers can set employee time to round up or down so hours worked are documented as accurately as possible. Once time is approved, Time Tracker can integrate with your payroll and accounting software, so you can run payroll faster and easier.

GPS tracking

GPS tracking is another feature Time Tracker provides that helps you avoid payroll and billing disputes. Time Tracker can map your team’s GPS coordinates through their mobile devices and record an employee’s work status.

Time Tracker’s GPS tracking feature ensures employees are always where they need to be when they need to be there, removing any questions about accuracy and also boosting productivity through the accountability tracking creates.

Accurate reporting

Being able to track employee time and attendance is key to many improving human resources and payroll processes. Time Tracker’s software provides insights and reports that help you measure efficiencies across all channels.

The Time Tracker dashboard provides a centralized, user-friendly view that allows you to see a graphic breakout of employee time, growth of income, as well as many other items that help you reconcile employee time at a glance.

Stay on track for the future

As working remotely goes from a temporary solution to the new normal for many workplaces, it is even more important to have a time tracking software that integrates with your digital payroll management system to track employee time and schedules. Not only is it important for tracking remote employees, it’s also important for human resources and payroll to be able to access and manage time and attendance information from anywhere.

Time Tracker has you covered whether you continue to have employees work remotely, or not. It’s our goal to make employee timekeeping for payroll and billing simple.

Why leave it there?

If you want to find out if eBillity’s Time Tracker is the right solution to accurately track time and help improve your HR and Payroll management system

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