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How to get support from Xero

October 6, 2022

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We know that when you have a question about Xero, you want a helpful answer quickly so that you can get back to work.

Xero Central is our one-stop-shop for getting the support you need. It has a range of content to help answer your questions about Xero, including how-to articles, videos, community discussions and the option to raise a case with our customer experience team if you get really stuck.

Here’s how you can get the help you need and get back to what you love – running your business.

Your first place to go

When you have a question about Xero, the first place to head to is Xero Central. Simply type your question into the search bar and you’ll see a number of articles come up based on what the search engine knows about you from your Xero account. Xero Central uses smart technology to learn whether you’re a small business customer or an accountant or bookkeeper, what you’ve searched for before, and what customers similar to you have searched for.

You can also get help by clicking the question mark in the top right corner inside Xero. This shows you content from Xero Central, but is even smarter. It knows what page you’re on in the product and uses machine learning to tell what other customers commonly need help with in that exact spot – and what support articles they found useful.

These support articles are updated and optimised every day by our team of professional writers, and we add new articles for new product features or ‘trending’ issues. So if you think you’ve read one before, take another look because it may have changed.

Raise a case for more complex support

While the majority of our customers find what they’re looking for in the support articles, sometimes your question is a little more complex and we need to give you individual support to solve it with you. That’s where our customer experience team comes in.

If the support articles don’t have the information you need, scroll to the bottom of the article and you’ll find the option to contact Xero support. Here you can fill out a form that is sent to the customer experience team who will triage it and assign it to the next available specialist with the right skills to help you. Most of our customer experience specialists have a degree-level accounting background so you can be assured that they have the technical knowledge to help with your case.

Many of our customers often go looking for a phone number to call to get support. While we don’t have an inbound support phone number, we do call customers when it helps. But first we want to make sure that we have the right person looking into your question, and they have all the necessary information – so you’re not waiting on hold or being passed around departments. When you raise a case you can request a call, or we’ll ask for your phone number if we think talking to you directly will help.

Our customer experience team is based in eight offices around the globe, meaning we can provide support 24/7. So if you’re raising a case late one evening from Australia, don’t be surprised to hear a British accent on the phone – they’re answering your query during UK office hours.

How to raise a great case

When it comes to raising a case, there’s a few things you can do to help us answer your question as quickly and efficiently as possible:

  • Most importantly – give us as much information as possible! Tell us what you need help with and where you got stuck. This helps us assign your case to a specialist with the right skills to help.
  • Tell us what steps you’ve already taken to try and solve the problem – including which support articles you’ve read on Xero Central.
  • If you’ve already cleared your cookies and cache, or tried an alternative browser, let us know.
  • Sending screenshots can be really helpful.
  • Invite Xero Support into your organisation if you think we might need to investigate your problem.
  • And if you’ve got a complex problem and you’d prefer to talk to us over the phone – let us know so we can arrange a phone call.

Track your query in ‘My cases’

Once you’ve raised a case, you can see the progress on ‘My cases’. You told us how important it was to know when to expect a response from our customer experience team, so we provide a real-time estimate of when we’ll be able to get back to you.

After your case is resolved – we’ll ask you for feedback, and please do let us know how you rate your experience. We’re constantly evolving and looking at how we can improve, so we appreciate it when you tell us what’s going well, and what could be better next time.

If you still have unanswered questions about Xero support, read this article on Xero Central.

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