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Ignition adds Apple Pay and Google Pay to enhance client payments

July 18, 2023

Ignition adds digital wallets to existing payment options, helping accounting and professional services businesses make it easy for their clients to pay.
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Ignition, a leading all-in-one business platform for professional services, now supports Apple Pay and Google Pay for new customers in the United States and Australia, helping accounting and professional services businesses get paid easily by their clients to improve cash flow.

Digital wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay are increasingly favored by consumers, with research showing that 43% of consumers in the United States used digital wallets in 2022.

Having already made it convenient for clients to pay automatically using credit or debit card, direct debit or pre-authorized debit, or automated clearing house (depending on location), Ignition is taking another step forward in facilitating smoother payment collections. The addition of Apple Pay and Google Pay means that new customers can now offer their clients the convenience of these additional digital payment options to cater to clients’ payment preferences.

Ignition’s 2022 State of Client Engagement reports show that 94% of accountants and bookkeepers in the US (95% in Australia) need to chase clients for late payments. By enabling clients to easily pay with Apple Pay and Google Pay, Ignition is helping to expedite the payment collection process, reduce late payments, and enhance overall client experience.

“We’re excited to offer US and Australian customers this new payment option,” said Jason Prowd, VP of Product at Ignition. “Google Pay and Apple Pay are two of the most popular mobile payment methods in the world, and this new feature will make it easier for our customers to collect payments from their clients. We believe this will help our customers improve their cash flow and boost their profits, whilst giving their clients a convenient and secure way to pay for their services. In fact, over half (54%) of our customers report improved cash flow since implementing the Ignition platform.”

The new Google Pay and Apple Pay payment option is available now to all new Ignition customers in the US and Australia and will be available to all customers soon. Clients will immediately have access to the new payment option when using an Apple Pay or Google Pay enabled device such as Android or iOS.

Accepting client payments via Apple Pay and Google Pay in Ignition offers benefits including:

  • Improved client experience: Clients appreciate the convenience and security of using Apple Pay and Google Pay.
  • Reduced fraud risk: Apple Pay and Google Pay use the latest security technology to protect customer data. This can help reduce the risk of fraud.
  • Increased efficiency: Apple Pay and Google Pay can help save time by eliminating the need to process paper checks or credit card payments.

"Ignition is committed to providing businesses with comprehensive solutions to get paid faster and run smarter," adds Prowd, who also authored Ignition’s article on Tips to increase cash flow using Apple Pay and Google Pay. "Apple Pay and Google Pay are convenient, secure, and widely accepted, making it easy for clients to pay businesses and boost their bottom line," he says.

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