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Increase your chances of payment with SMS invoice chasing in Chaser

February 10, 2022

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On average emails receive a 25% open rate, whilst SMS messages have an average open rate of 98% (Tyntec). With the average business owed $300,000 in late payments (QuickBooks), businesses need to do what they can to ensure that their payment reminders get noticed and customers can pay their invoices easily.

Chaser now provides SMS payment chasing functionality, so users can reach out to customers about payments in the most effective way possible and get invoices paid faster.

SMS chasing allows users to send invoice payment reminder messages to their customers instantly from one central system. SMS messages can be sent using customisable templates that comprise editable and personalised fields like business name, due date, invoice amount, making the messages look like they were hand-typed. This allows users to edit with their usual style of communication with customers, giving each automated message a human touch.

SMS chasers can also include a link to your customers’ payment portal, allowing customers to pay your invoice instantly directly through the link in their payment reminder SMS. These SMS payment reminders can be used alongside email reminders in automatic chasing schedules, which send at the days and times that users choose. Using a combination of both email and SMS chasing helps users increase their chances of reaching customers faster, and getting paid faster. See the full capabilities and benefits in the SMS chasing fact sheet and see SMS chasing in action in the SMS launch webinar.

SMS chasing functionality is being rolled out to Chaser users in batches, you can request early access to SMS chasing here.

What does this mean for users?

Invoices get paid faster
By making invoice payments seamless for customers. Clients can make payments in just a few clicks via their SMS message, which links them directly to their Payment Portal to make payments instantly.

You can reach customers with ease
Cut through the noise and reach customers on the go by sending payment reminders via SMS. By sending payment reminders to their phone, you can reach customers more efficiently, and get invoices paid faster.

Time savings
Don’t waste any time following up with customers manually. All of your SMS messages are automated with customizable templates and schedules, to ensure you save time without losing the personal touch.

Improved customer experience
Keep customers informed on what is due when easily via SMS, and remove payment friction for clients with SMS payment reminders that link directly to their Payment Portal. Instantly thank customers for payments via SMS automatically.

Enhanced payment chasing processes
Use a combination of SMS and email payment reminders in your automatic chasing schedules to increase your chances of prompt invoice payments.

How to start using SMS chasing?

Visit the SMS chasing help centre article for full information on how the feature works, limitations, and to request early access.

1) Create a Chaser account
Start using Chaser for free (no card details required) for 14 days at

2) Review your SMS chasing templates
In your Chaser account, navigate to ‘Manage’ then ‘Templates’. Select the SMS option and edit the existing templates if required.

3) Add SMS to your chasing schedules
In the ‘Manage’ area, select ‘Schedules’. Edit your chosen schedule and click the ‘+’ button to add in an extra reminder. Select your chosen SMS template from the drop-down, then click ‘Add’.

4) Add Payment Portal links to your SMS templates
If you have the Chaser Payment Portal enabled, navigate to ‘Templates’ and click on the template you’d like to edit. From the ‘Placeholders’ menu on the right-hand side, click the Payment Portal option to insert it into your SMS reminders and click ‘Save’. Payment Portal links will be sent to all customers that receive this SMS template!

SMS chasing means more effective payment chasing, and easier payments for your customers - helping you to get invoices paid faster and improve cash flow at your business.

After recently reaching the milestone of helping users chase and recover 10 billion USD in late payments, this is the next step for Chaser in helping businesses worldwide to reduce late payments and improve their cash flow. See the full capabilities and benefits in the SMS chasing fact sheet.

The SMS feature is being rolled out to Chaser users in batches. If you would like early access to SMS chasing at your business, request access to the SMS chasing feature here.

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