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Introducing BrightPay’s new cloud payroll solution

March 27, 2023

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Just in time for the 2023/24 tax year, we are excited to launch the new cloud version of our desktop-based payroll software, BrightPay, in the UK. Fully-cloud payroll software is something which our customers have requested from us for some time. Our development team has been working extremely hard behind the scenes, and we’re happy to announce that our cloud payroll solution is now available. The launch is a pivotal moment in Bright’s 30-year journey providing payroll software to customers across the UK and Ireland.

One of the influencing factors in our decision to bring our payroll software to the cloud is the changes we have seen in the business world in recent times. A survey from 2017 showed that only 18% of UK firms had 98% of their clients or more in the cloud using cloud-based systems. But as we all know, the business world has changed a lot since 2017. As well as the progression of technology, COVID-19 accelerated cloud adoption. Moving processes to the cloud has helped accountants and other businesses to run as usual, even when the unexpected happens. Cloud payroll software can help businesses to adapt when it comes to things like remote working, data security, changing markets, and compliance.

How will the cloud payroll solution be different?

We seek to match the capabilities of our multi-award-winning desktop-based software, while also introducing a series of new features only made possible through cloud-based software. This includes automatic online backup of payroll files, the ability for multiple people to work on the same file simultaneously and being able to process payroll online through an internet browser.

We’re excited about our cloud payroll solution and all of the new benefits that come with it. However, there are some features that BrightPay for Windows or Mac has that the cloud solution won’t have upon initial release. We want to reassure users that these features are in the development pipeline, and we will be adding them to the software this calendar year. Check out our free guide for more information on what features are available now, which features we are currently working on, and which features will be available further down the line. View our features roadmap here.

Visually, the new cloud-based software will remain true to its offline equivalent, featuring the same layout that customers will be familiar with; meaning there will be no training needed to get up and running on the cloud software. Commenting on its launch, Kevin McCallum, Chief Executive Officer of Bright, said:  

“We know that BrightPay already does most of what our customers need, which is why we kept this new product close to its award-winning formula. We have, however, responded to the demand from our customers, and the wider drive towards cloud-based software from the accounting and landscape, by providing our tried and tested software in a more accessible and collaborative format.”

“Taking BrightPay online has allowed us to provide new, exciting tools that create a more holistic payroll suite, where all employees have something to gain. And, while our development teams continue to perfect the software’s initial offering over the next few months, we’re eager to hear from our customers about how it’s helping their business - especially as we prepare to roll-out even more innovative features over the course of the next few months.”  

“I believe that BrightPay will offer our customers more versatility, flexibility and transparency; benefits we know are crucial in today’s hybrid working environment.”

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