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Introducing Fathom Advisor Certification

March 11, 2021

Fathom now offers a certification course, helping you unlock Fathom's full potential.
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In late 2020 we launched Forecasting, but that wasn’t the only project we were working on; we were also developing Fathom Advisor Certification. And now it's here and ready to help you and your practice.

Offer clients more

Whether you’ve been using Fathom for six months or six years, Fathom's certification can help you find new features and ways of doing things, ultimately adding new skills to your firm. We've added lots of new features during the past 12 months, so you may not have seen or used them all. So if you’ve been using Fathom just for Reporting, you can start to explore other features like Forecasting and Analysis, and continue to improve the services you offer your clients as well as getting even more value out of Fathom.

Even after using Fathom for four years, I feel like I learned some new things that I didn't know. I'm excited to implement them in my practice. Ellen Elpers, Milestone Business Solutions, USA

Upskill the team

Upskilling and training for the whole team means that everyone can use Fathom’s features, even if they’re not always client-facing. And if you're a partner who is not producing reports, knowing how they're produced and what else Fathom can do – in detail – can help with business development conversations.

After completing the Fathom Advisor Certification, we realised there are so many elements to Fathom, and we’re not using it to the best of its ability. Aaron Sutton, Garbutt & Elliott LLP, UK

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Built by us, tested by you

Fathom is built by accountants, for accountants, and so who better to put the course through its paces than our customers. We enlisted Fathom users from firms of all sizes around the world. In the UK, firms like Kreston Reeves LLP, Garbutt & Elliott LLP and CloudFox contributed, as did bookkeepers like Women Who Count. In the USA, our friends at Milestone Business Solutions Inc. got involved, as did the team at Signature Analytics. And in Australia, the likes of Pitchlabs and Arabon also offered their valuable feedback.  

Credit where it’s due


Getting certified in Fathom gets you a certificate and a digital badge for your email signature and LinkedIn profile, as well as your firm's website. It also counts towards your continued professional development.

We originally started using Fathom for just one of our clients, now we realise it’s for everyone! Michael Riley, Keeping Account, AU

Learn in your own time or together

Though extensive, Fathom Advisor Certification is designed in manageable modules around specific features that you can easily fit into gaps in your daily routine. We partnered with top learning management system, Thinkific, so you’ll be learning in a clean, crisp interface. Or book your whole team in for a training day and complete the course together, accelerating adoption of Fathom within your firm.

Start small, dig deep

The course covers all elements of Fathom, from the basics of setting up, to three-way cash flow forecasting. There are five sections in total; Foundations, Setup & Settings, Analysis, Forecasting and Reports. If you've not got up to speed on how to use Forecasting in Fathom yet, the certification is perfect for doing so. It’ll show you how you can include your forecasting data in Fathom’s best-in-class reports.

Won’t cost you a penny

That’s right, Fathom Advisor Certification is free for all users.

Ready to sign up?

You can access Fathom Advisor Certification from within the app, even if you’re on our 14-day free trial. Or you can follow this link to find out more. So what are you waiting for? Set aside a little time and unlock Fathom’s full potential.

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