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Introducing Magnify in Live View 📊

July 28, 2022

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I have some exciting news for you today. Live View reports are now interactive! Gain deeper insight into your Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet accounts with Syft's all new Live View pop-ups: what we like to call Magnify.

Simply hover over any row in your reports to show a historical trend of that account as well as a top transactions list. Read on to learn more!

All about Magnify 🧐

With Magnify, you can hover your mouse over any row in the Management Accounts report  (except formula rows such as Gross Profit or any other custom formula row), to find out more about the underlying data in that row. The components of this view include the following:

  • The bar graph: gives you an indication of trend with a comparison to the prior period; and
  • The top transactions list: includes your top 20 transactions in that account.

Want to compare prior data?

Simply pin pop-ups in place using the pin icon on the right-hand side of the pop-up box. You can then drag the pop-up box wherever you want and resize it to your liking to create comparative views.

Note 📝: You can only have a maximum of four views pinned at once.

You also have the ability zoom in and out of the Live View report to get the perfect view of your Management Accounts.

Where is Live View Magnify enabled?

Magnify is enabled across the following reports:

  • Profit & Loss;
  • Balance Sheet; and
  • Working Capital reports.

You can use the new hover tool across both standard and multi-period reports.

I hope you'll benefit from the instant visualizations now available with the Live View Magnify tool! If you have any questions, please send us a message over the live-chat assist.

Why leave it there?

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