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Introducing Our New Firm Dashboard: Streamlining Client Management and Enhancing Data Navigation

June 27, 2023

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Our latest software update brings you the powerful Firm Dashboard, tailored specifically for our R&D Firm Users. This feature enables easy client management, provides high-level insights into client positions, and enhances navigation through client data. Additionally, we are introducing the new Firm type, “Accountant,” which promotes collaboration between accounting firms and R&D firms by granting access to client information.

Who is this release for?

This release primarily targets our existing R&D Firm Users, while also expanding our user base with the introduction of the Accountant Firm type.


The new dashboard addresses partner feedback, delivering a more user-friendly experience and efficient access to client data. The addition of the Accountant Firm type fulfils a long-standing request, enabling seamless data sharing between different consultancies and firms, and fostering improved collaboration.

What’s New?

Our Firm Dashboard is the initial release of an upcoming series of versions. In this first release, Firm users gain the ability to quickly locate data and efficiently organize clients. Subsequent versions will introduce additional features such as comments and enhanced client classification.

How to Access

Firm Consultants and Enterprise Admin users will find the dashboard as their default landing page upon login.


  • In the initial release, Firm users will have access to all clients within their firm.
  • Enterprise Admin users will see all clients.
  • Other Firm users can access their related firm dashboard by clicking on the firm from their personal dashboard, where they will only see assigned clients

The dashboard provides key indicators of client performance, including:

  • R&D Staff Effort: Represented by R&D Staff/All Staff.
  • Expenditure: Total tracked amount from the Xero integration, sourced from Total R&D OPEX + Total R&D wage and salary figures for the current financial year.
  • Monthly Records: Number of records updated or created in the current month.
  • Last Update: The most recent update or touch on any record.

Key Takeaways

Our new Firm Dashboard empowers R&D Firm Users with effective client management, providing high-level insights into client positions. The improved navigation features make it easier to locate and organise client data. Furthermore, the introduction of the Accountant Firm type opens new avenues for collaboration between different consultancies, firms and agencies.

We remain committed to continuous improvement, striving to deliver features that will enhance the user experience for our partners and subscribers. Stay tuned for future updates as our platform evolves.

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