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Introducing: SuiteFiles Connect

For the past 12 months at SuiteFiles, we’ve been focused on communication. As more tasks become automated and the Gig Economy increases in prominence, communication is more important than ever. Yet it’s still fragmented. Critical information is living in unsecured emails and keeping everyone ‘in the loop’ is harder than ever as workforces become global. We wanted to build something that would help make communication easier, and so this month we’re introducing SuiteFiles Connect.
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Accountants often sit at the core of other’s businesses, while also working on their own firm to ensure its ongoing success.  Communicating constantly with clients, internal staff, remote teams and then your own HR/Legal/Marketing professionals who help make a practice successful.  SuiteFiles’ original mission was to make document management as easy as possible, but to do this in 2019, we need to have easy and effective ways for those external to your business to be able to send and receive documents straight into the place you want them stored.

SuiteFiles Connect will allow our customers to share any type of document they choose directly to their client, HR professional or legal team. In turn, clients can log on and upload requested documentation, sign documents or complete a task list from within their SuiteFiles Connect account. We think that human connection is more important than it's ever been before, and SuiteFiles Connect aims to make it easier to share and receive information securely from wherever you are.

Log on with Single Sign On

Security has become even more important as services become cloud based, with key documents needing to be properly protected. But one of the biggest complaints with new systems is that clients have to remember another set of login credentials. To avoid this, you’ll be able to log into SuiteFiles connect using your existing Gmail or G-Suite credentials. We’ll also be launching another exciting single sign on option at Xerocon Brisbane, which will make it even easier for your clients to log into SuiteFiles Connect. There is also the option to create their own username and password if they would prefer separate credentials.

Create a task list for your clients to complete

Sometimes there’s more than one thing you need from a client, an outsourced staff member or another business partner. Using SuiteFiles Connect, you’ll be able to send them a task list to complete in SuiteFiles Connect. They’ll be able to drag and drop documents onto the relevant task, and mark it as complete, alerting you when individual tasks or whole lists have been completed. This task-based view means you’ll have a clear picture of what you’re waiting on from clients or other partners and make it easier to quickly follow up outstanding items. It will also make it clear to your clients what you require from them, without needing to send an email!

Send documents securely for signing

Our document signing functionality is fully supported by Connect, and the experience is further streamlined. Documents will be sent to clients directly through SuiteFiles Connect for clients to sign. Your clients and other connected contacts will be able to see a list of documents they have signed in the past, and access copies of these if needed. As the signature requester, you'll be able to see a list of all the documents you have out for signing and follow them up as required. You’ll also continue to have the ability to customise branding on signature requests, enable SMS verification on signatures and to request multiple signatories on a document.

Receive uploaded documents securely

The biggest complaint we hear about sharing documentation with clients via email is that it’s been hard to keep track of what’s been shared. Versioning quickly becomes impossible to track and no-one can be confident that files are secure. Emails are easily forwarded and emails accounts are consistently the target of hackers. Increasingly the recommendation is to not share important information through email. SuiteFiles Connect will allow you to both send and receive documents securely, without the need for third party technology or email. You don't need to involve another provider or system, and you can ensure that documents are only accessed by the intended recipient. You can even choose to enable Two Factor Authentication for additional security.

Connect with remote teams

If you're working with remote or outsourced teams, SuiteFiles Connect will allow you to share the specific information they need, or the specific tasks they need to complete, without involving email. You can track the progress of each task, or of the documents you’ve shared, and leave comments or messages within SuiteFiles Connect for your team. Connect is accessible from anywhere in the world and means that you can have greater visibility around what's happening for your remote and outsourced staff, as well as allowing you greater control over security and permissions through specific sharing.

We are incredibly excited to be launching SuiteFiles Connect at Xerocon Brisbane this year. Come and see us at the event for exclusive access to special offers and to get a firsthand look at Connect.

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