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January release notes: Gain control over your fraud strategy and integrate Airwallex with your tech stack

January 16, 2024

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Product Enhancements 🎨

Gain better visibility and control over your fraud strategy with Airwallex’s new Risk Web App 🔐

With Airwallex’s new Risk Web App, you can proactively detect and block fraudulent transactions by gaining real-time insights into fraud performance, applying 3D Secure (3DS) to select transactions, and customising settings to match your risk tolerance.

Use the Risk Web App dashboard to view your key risk metrics, including payment success rate, fraud rate, disputes, and more. Analyse historical risk data to track patterns over time, and compare your fraud and dispute rates against similar businesses to benchmark your performance. This data can be used to understand how the risk engine is impacting your overall payment success and fraud rates.

You can also use the Risk Web App to customise the risk engine to suit your business. Add customers to specific watchlists based on a number of data features, turn 3DS on or off for certain transactions, and set your risk engine to one of five levels depending on the risk appetite of your business. You will be able to see an estimate of how these changes will affect your payment acceptance and fraud rates.

The Risk Web App is designed to help you reduce fraud losses, boost authorisation rates, and gain valuable insights which enable you to make informed decisions. The risk dashboard can be found under the Payments tab, to learn more, speak to your account manager today.

Integrate Airwallex Expenses and Bill Pay with NetSuite ⚡

Airwallex Expenses and Bill Pay solutions help businesses reconcile global expenses and automate invoice management, saving hours of manual work. NetSuite users will now be able to connect their accounting software with Airwallex to automatically sync expenses and invoices for faster reconciliation.

Integrate Airwallex with your existing tech stack (already available for Xero users and QuickBooks for expense management) to reduce time spent on reconciliation and simplify bookkeeping. Learn more here.

Receive updates on your linked bank accounts with the Linked Account Webhook 💬

If you’ve linked external financial accounts to Airwallex and are integrated with our core API, you can now receive push notifications on the status of your linked accounts by subscribing to the Linked Account Webhook. Linking external financial accounts helps you to easily top up your multi-currency balance or fund money transfers. With the Airwallex Linked Account Webhook you will get instant alerts informing you of any status changes that might affect your account. For example, if your open banking connection is disrupted, if a micro-deposit has bounced back, or if your Direct Debit mandate has been cancelled. Find out more here.

EU customers: Accept American Express card payments 💳

EU merchants can now accept American Express card payments with Airwallex Payments. American Express is one of the world’s largest card schemes. Accepting American Express as a payment option will help merchants reduce checkout friction, maximise sales, and appeal to a whole new market of online shoppers.

Airwallex customers in the US, UK, Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore can already accept American Express card payments. We’re pleased to bring this capability to our customers in the EU.

Open a Singapore Global Account in your business’ name 🇸🇬

You can now open an Airwallex Singapore Global Account in your business’ name. Use your Global Account to collect Singapore Dollars with zero friction, no matter where in the world your business is based.  

Upcoming arrivals 🧳

In Beta: Create custom domains for Payment Links 💡

Create your own custom domain for Airwallex Payment Links, for example ‘’. Create as many domains as you like at a cost of US$10 per month per domain and build a more personalised payment experience for your customers. If you are interested in this feature, please start by following the instructions here

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