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Jared Baker joins Karbon

August 30, 2022

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Today I’m thrilled to welcome Jared Baker to the Karbon team as our new Managing Director APAC.

Jared comes from Xero, a company we owe a lot to for transforming accounting in Australia. Xero’s enormous impact on the market is long-lasting and definitive. Australian accountants are some of the most progressive in the world due to the education and forward-thinking of the Xero team.

Early on, Rod Drury and Hamish Edwards were so confident in their capacity to change the industry, and the way that has panned out exactly as they intended is a testament to their resilience, perseverance and vision.

It’s not only great firms that have been created off the back of Xero technology, but great people also. Many in the Karbon team had wonderful experiences and learned a lot at Xero, and Jared is no different. His time there helped cement a deep understanding of the accounting industry and the firms, people, apps and clients that operate within it.

Jared Baker has been appointed the Managing Director APAC of Karbon. In his new role, Jared will lead the growth of Karbon across Australia and APAC, further enabling accounting firms to modernise and better support their clients. This is an image of Jarad. He has short cropped 'salt and pepper' hair and beard and is wearing a navy blue tshirt.
Jared Baker has joined Karbon as Managing Director APAC.

When I talk to Karbon customers, there’s one thing that comes up more than anything: the impact that they are having on their clients and the outcomes they are helping them to achieve. For accountants, it’s all about this client journey that they are on together.

Accountants are changing the lives of their clients. And companies like Xero and Karbon can help enable that. If we can empower accountants to do their job in a frictionless way and conduct their business and communications effortlessly, accountants can then focus everything on the journey with their clients. They can fulfill their firm’s purpose and vision, and enable their clients to be successful.

We shouldn’t underestimate the power of the accounting industry. We have seen evidence of this more than ever over the last few years, where accountants have enabled the economy, forwarded stimulus funds, and helped businesses to not only survive but thrive. And when these times of uncertainty show no sign of easing, the role of the accountant is only becoming more crucial.

The capacity for continued change and impact in the APAC accounting world is significant, and so are the outcomes for accountants and their clients. I am so excited about having somebody with Jared’s experience and ability join the Karbon journey to help influence that.

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