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JustLogin - February Updates 2021

February 23, 2021

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1. The smarter way – credit card to pay salary Read Guide

We are introducing credit card payment as an alternative salary disbursement method. Find out how this is a game changer for you here!

2. New bank submission file for OCBC clients

OCBC bank users can now leverage on GIRO/FAST (PayNow) bank file to disburse salary.

3. [Advance Notice] CPF – changes to File Transfer Protocol (FTP) specifications in 2022

During late January 2021, CPF Board has announced that there will be changes to the file specifications of File Transfer Protocol (FTP) submission from 1st January 2022 onwards.

We would like to reassure you that the changes are well acknowledged by JustLogin technical team and will do our necessary part to make sure all Payroll users are accessing a fully compliant CPF file for CPF submission at all times.


1. Off in lieu with expiry date and email reminders Read Guide

Set the expiry date of Off in Lieu up to 12 months after the approval of Off in Lieu request raised from Leave or Attendance modules.

Feel free to set auto reminder emails to remind your staff before leave expires as well!


1. Shift allowance Read Guide

Set up allowance rates for different shifts and map them to a pay element. Transfer shift allowance from Attendance to Payroll with a click of a button!

If your company provides shift allowance to your staff, please contact so that we can make this feature available on your system.

2. Set reference photo and photo collections for AVA Read Guide

For companies who have activated Attendance Verification Alert (AVA) in Attendance module, you can set up profile photos for AVA via Attendance Configuration OR SafeClock Configuration, with the freedom to add 3 reference photos to increase AVA accuracy!

3. Assign roster for employees based on site name Read Guide

You can now assign roster for your employees by site name on a daily basis on the Roster Page!

4. Roster view – by shift and by site Read Guide

Other than the ordinary roster view, admin can filter roster by shift or site name. Each cell would show you a list of assigned employees and corresponding live attendance.

5. Auto SafeEntry check in/out when clock-in/out via mobile app Read Guide

Admin can set up SafeEntry/TraceTogether QR code and enable auto SafeEntry check-in/out when employees clock-in/out via mobile app!

Set up your company’s office SafeEntry QR code now by following this guide.


1. SafeEntry QR code display on SafeClock device Read Guide

Display SafeEntry/TraceTogether QR Code on your SafeClock device(s) to facilitate check-in for employees and visitors.

Beta Products – Hot Off The Press

1. Custom report Read Guide

Custom report provides the freedom to combine data across all our modules, just the way you like it!

This is now available for testing! Please contact so that we can make this feature available on your system!

2. Organisation chart Read Guide

Organisation Chart will help visualise your company’s structure graphically. Set up Supervisor for each employee and the hierarchy would show automatically!

This is now available for testing! Please contact so that we can make this feature available on your system!

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