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Latest product news — April 2022

April 4, 2022

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Saving you time and creating efficiencies is the name of the game this month, with a range of updates designed to get you back to the stuff that matters, faster. Highlights include the ability to track time on your desktop in Xero Projects, navigate to your favourite apps from one place with Xero’s App Launcher and enjoy a fresh new look across bank rules and the Xero dashboard. Take a look.

New features

Enjoy a new dashboard experience — Global

In the months ahead, you may notice that your Xero dashboard looks a little different. The functionality of your Xero dashboard won’t change, but there are some tweaks to the design that may take some getting used to. The new version is designed to give you a consistent experience across Xero, while also improving speed and accessibility. Learn more about the changes you can expect.

Get less notifications in Xero — Global

We want to make sure you get the information you need quickly and conveniently. That’s why we’re removing the confirmation notification when you successfully email a file to your file library inbox. You’ll only get a notification if there’s an error. We hope this helps reduce any disruption to your workflow.

Track time on your desktop in Xero Projects — Global

To bring Xero Projects desktop functionality in line with the mobile version, we’ve added a timer to help you to add accurate time entries against your projects. It features the same start, pause and stop functionality, with clear visibility of how you’re tracking at the bottom right-hand side of the desktop screen.

Import inventory items in bulk — Global

We’ve added a new feature to our inventory solution that allows you to import items in bulk. From products and services, you can download a CSV template to add your items. You can also choose to export existing items into a CSV file on the same page and update the file. When you upload the CSV file, any errors or warnings will be highlighted, so you can rectify them before completing the import process.

Create and edit purchase orders on the go — Global

In addition to viewing purchase orders, you can now create and edit purchase orders on the Xero Accounting app, to better manage your work on the go. This feature is available on Android devices and will be available in iOS in the months ahead. Please note that if you’d like to send a purchase order, you will need to do this on your desktop.

Send invoices to multiple emails in the Xero Accounting app — Global

If a contact in Xero has multiple email addresses added, you can now send an invoice to all emails at the same time via the Xero Accounting app. Not only will this reduce the mental load of remembering separate contacts, but will ensure everyone is kept across key communications when it matters. Available in both Android and iOS.

Save time managing your bank rules — Global

Setting up bank rules is an easy way to get Xero to automatically code transactions on your bank reconciliation screen, based on criteria you’ve set. In the weeks ahead, we’re giving bank rules a new look that aligns with other features in Xero. This update will streamline the steps needed to create or edit a bank rule, as well as the ability to switch between rule types without losing data.

Manage apps in one place with Xero’s App Launcher — Global

Our new App Launcher is a free tool to group all of your Xero App Store apps in a single dropdown tab within your My Xero dashboard. Once set up, you can stay logged in to all of your apps via Xero single sign in (where two-factor authentication hasn’t been set up), and switch between them without leaving Xero. It also links to the Xero App Store, so you can browse and quickly add new apps.

Enjoy a refreshed design in report templates — Global

The next time you open report templates in Xero HQ, you’ll notice a refreshed design that brings it in line with other new reports in Xero. Changes include fewer actions when adding a report to a template, the ability to reorder or remove reports from a link in the contents dropdown, and more intuitive placement of buttons for common actions.

Personalise your Executive Summary report — Global

Our new Executive Summary report is now available to all customers globally. Located in the new report centre, it includes more flexible date ranges, more comparative periods and the ability to add commentary text. Plus, you can save custom reports and can hide any rows you don’t want by using a filter.

Check out the new-look batch deposit screen — Global

A batch deposit records multiple invoices in a single payment transaction. In the weeks ahead, we will update the screen where you create a new batch deposit with a new look, but there will be no change to the functionality. The ‘Cancel’ and ‘Deposit’ buttons will be moved to the top of the page from the bottom, and the ‘Add note’ button will be moved to the right of ‘History and notes’ instead of below it.

Save time when invoicing in WorkflowMax — Global

We’ve redesigned the invoice information page in WorkflowMax and taken the opportunity to add in some time-saving enhancements like drag and drop functionality, the ability to change tax rates using a dropdown menu and the ability to easily add new contacts, tasks and costs. These changes will really speed up and improve your daily workflows.

Stay compliant with latest tax changes — NZ

Xero will now automatically apply increased student loan thresholds, and the new ACC levy and threshold in Xero Tax. Contractors can set up child support deductions as a percentage of earnings or fixed amount deduction, as well as have Inland Revenue arrears deducted from their pay. We have also improved the way Protected Net Earnings are calculated for relevant statutory deductions.

Better manage personal and corporation tax — UK

You can now access a Capital Gains Schedule (SA108) form to manage your capital gains tax obligations in Xero Tax. We’ve also made improvements to company tax returns, with numeric breakdowns and more detail on larger totals that form a material disclosure.

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