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Issue 18

Let’s talk about customer service

Customer service should be a crucial component of all business strategies and for a good reason!

Consumers expect to be treated with respect by a knowledgeable subject expert who understands and meets their needs and requirements at all stages of their transaction. Over time ‘good customer service’ has become a buzz phrase used by companies to emotionally connect with their customer base, but what does it really mean? Is it hard to achieve and should we be aiming for just good customer service or raise the bar to excellent?

The very definition of customer service according to the Collins online dictionary is;

“The way that companies behave towards their customers, for example how well they treat them”.

Many of us feel more compelled to share an unsatisfactory customer service experience we have had rather than go into detail of excellent customer service. A bad service experience from a company can be long remembered and the good service you once received, can be forgotten.

At CloudPayroll and iPayroll we understand our customers are individuals with varying requirements and we pride ourselves on adding value by helping all customers effectively and efficiently in the manner that best suits them i.e. over the phone or via email.

Life has become so busy now that we are trying to squeeze more into the working day and waiting for a response to an email query can add stress to your day. When an email response is received it is not uncommon to find there is no answer to your question but instead you have been directed to a help article or the company’s FAQ page. Meaning you need to sift through for an answer to your query adding even more stress, frustration and taking up valuable time.

When it comes to payroll queries often there is a high level of urgency for an answer. We understand the need for urgency you are after, as you are dealing with employee’s salary.

We will never direct you to our FAQ or news pages to find an answer, although we do have both if this is your preferred go to method. Our dedicated support teams are full of subject matter experts, who are a phone call or an email away, no matter your question – frequent or otherwise.

Evaluating new payroll solutions or software can be very time consuming. It may involve setting up a trial, watching a few web tutorials or going through help articles and FAQ’s only to find you need to set it up, add employees and then have a go at processing a pay run.

When CloudPayroll and iPayroll receive a request for a free trial, we proceed with setting up a demonstration and personalising it by ensuring it matches your requirements. We will also set a convenient time over the phone or in person to provide the demonstration giving you the opportunity to ask questions on the spot which will reduce your evaluation time dramatically.

CloudPayroll and iPayroll take customer service seriously and understand this may mean adapting our approach to best suit our customer’s requirements i.e. over the phone, email or face to face contact. We pride ourselves on delivering an excellent customer service experience throughout all interactions you have from the implementation team setting up your organisation through to the free ongoing support provided by our expert, friendly and knowledgeable support team who are just a phone call or email away should you need them. Check out our reviews in Xero’s marketplace for Australia and New Zealand and this will be confirmed.

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