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Make it seamless – Sign in with Xero

As we continue to build more connections and tools that add value to the Xero platform, we’re also very focused on ensuring quality, security and a beautiful customer experience…
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Ten years ago I was a small business owner taking my first trial of Xero. When I saw the dashboard for the first time a huge weight lifted from my shoulders. When I connected my bank account and data started flowing automatically, that was a real ‘aha’ moment.

However, when I found a workflow tool in Xero’s app marketplace that allowed me to track time, and automatically send invoices from Xero, it really blew my mind. And it led to a change in career.

I started working for Xero in 2017 because I’m passionate about helping small businesses and their advisors use cloud technology to make it seamless, simple and smarter to collect data, create workflows and make sound financial decisions.

The Xero platform is an ever-expanding ecosystem of innovation partners and apps connected by the power of data and driven by transformational shifts in technology.

And the best part is the data flows both ways, from connected banks to productivity tools to over 800 marketplace apps allowing you and your clients to do more in the cloud.

As we continue to build more connections that add value to our platform, we’re also very focused on ensuring quality, security and a beautiful customer experience. We already have a certification process and a team of developer evangelists who review every app in our marketplace but we wanted to go one step further in delivering a seamless experience, so we launched “Sign in with Xero”.

It means our app partners can leverage our investment in security, reliability and things like two factor authentication, and its one less password for you to remember.

Login credentials are a massive pain point for companies building integrations to platforms. Sign in with Xero removes that barrier to use by providing a seamless flow from awareness to acquisition for our app partners, and a smoother experience for you and your small business clients.

Sign in with Xero is secure, removes friction and allows our app partners to demonstrate the end-to-end on-boarding process at the point of sign up, and makes it easier for customers to connect their Xero to apps.

The power of Xero’s small business platform really comes to life when our entire ecosystem works together, from financial services to the third-party apps you can use every day to grow the business.

Sign in with Xero makes it easier for developers to create seamless experiences for their customers, and for you to help your clients find the right apps to suit their needs.

We will be adding our beautiful button to many more of our app partners in a bid to help make small business owner’s lives better. Stay tuned.

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