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Measure what matters with Debtor Daddy’s New Filters

June 30, 2021

Today, we’re very excited to launch our new selection of filters that allow you to slice and dice your accounts in a way that suits your business.
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With our advanced filters, you can decide exactly what you want to see. You can filter your invoices depending on workflow, region or location, age bracket, account manager, and much more. Quickly access your most-used filters and customise them to suit your needs by pinning them to the side.

Here are a couple of ways you can filter your accounts using our new function:

1. Filter by idle account

When an account reaches the end of a workflow, an account is set to ‘idle’. You can quickly find idle accounts using our filter function so you can decide what to do next. This could be assigning them to another workflow or having a meeting with your team to figure out what to do next.

2. Filter by age-bracket

Categorise your invoices by the time that has passed since the invoice’s due date by filtering them based on age.

3. Filter by workflow

You can filter your invoices depending on the workflow they’re in. For example, you can see accounts that have reached a “stop credit” part of your process and likewise with the “pre-debt collection” part of your process.

4. Filter using Xero’s tracking codes

Using the tracking codes in Xero, we can then filter accounts in Debtor Daddy by:

  • Location. Compare and contrast the results of your debtor management process in different locations. You can also narrow your invoices to a specific location. This is particularly useful when you are wanting to see invoices related to a business that might be impacted by a covid-related situation, like a regional lockdown.
  • Account manager. You can filter invoices related to an account manager if you’ve added this information into Xero. This means you monitor and evaluate how well an account manager is performing.
  • Contact group. Filter by contact group so you can break down your accounts and focus on your debtor management process for just one of your contact groups.

Ready, Set… Filter!

Our CEO, Matt McFedries, shows you how it all works in this quick video 👇

We hope our new filters help you get the visibility you need to track your credit control performance.

We’re constantly working to improve your experience with Debtor Daddy and have a lot of exciting changes on the way.

Thanks for reading, and happy filtering  🚀

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