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November 2022 | Product launch summary

November 10, 2022

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In case you’re not a fan of pumpkin spice everything, our Recurly engineers have given us a few more things to be thankful for in the November product release. Here’s what’s new and tasty:

1. Decimal quantities for usage-based add-ons

Now, merchants who bill for usage can record and log customers’ usage in decimal quantities (up to nine decimal places) to provide precision on invoices. SaaS merchants, for example, who charge by the gigabytes of use, will benefit from this improvement. The change ensures usage accuracy which leads to precise quantity measurements, providing you and your customers with improved billing accuracy.

2. Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for authenticator apps

Twilio is discontinuing support for the Authy API. As a result, Recurly’s Two Factor Authentication (2FA), previously based on the Authy API, is now based on Twilio Verify API. This upgrade means you can now use Recurly’s 2FA with a wider array of authenticator apps leveraged by your internal operations, including LastPass, Google Authenticator, Okta, and Authy (not to be confused with the API). No service interruptions will be anticipated as a part of this transition. SMS will also continue to be supported.

3. Webhook signatures

You may be using Recurly’s webhooks to keep your systems and partner applications in sync with actions inside of Recurly. Fraudsters are always looking for a way in, and webhooks are a target. The authenticity of the webhook messages can be challenging to verify, leaving merchants susceptible to spoofed notifications coming from bad actors. But we’re out to stop them.

To increase the security of those communications, we’ll now be “signing” the webhooks to verify their authenticity. Merchants can also easily verify that the events were sent by Recurly through Recurly’s Webhooks SDK.

4. Analytics enhancements

We understand how important it is for you to have flexibility with your subscription data, so we’re continually enhancing Recurly Analytics to meet your needs. In this release, we’ve made several improvements, including the ability to use formulaic custom fields with the Report Builder and create, view, and download up to 100 columns of Subscriber Retention data.

These enhancements will allow you to build formulas that address your brand’s specific use cases and access more detailed Subscriber Retention data for enhanced cohort analysis.

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