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November 2022 Product Updates

November 23, 2022

More Integrations, More Controls and More Information

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At Lightyear, we understand that sometimes it's all in the details. So we've focused our latest releases on bringing you even more! Whether it's more integrations, more controls or presenting more information, check out the list below to see what we've been up to.

New MYOB & QuickBooks Online API Integration

All of our MYOB & QuickBooks Online customers have been upgraded onto the new API platform. This provides a deeper integration by bringing back more details and makes the set-up process easier for growing businesses that need new accounts.

  • We'll sync more accounting settings (GL codes, bank details, etc) into Lightyear
  • Auto publish - meaning zero touch exports
  • Send document files as attachments along with exported data
  • Automatic rounding rows for instances where rounding variances would have presented in MYOB & Quickbooks Online.
  • A more reliable overall connection experience

Xero Single Sign On

If you are a Xero user, you can now:

  • Use your Xero account to log into Lightyear
  • Create new Lightyear accounts using your Xero credentials

Visual Enhancements to Panel 2 in Approvals Workflow

Giving you a much cleaner view than before, making it easier to see more information and de-cluttering the User Interface:

  • Removed extra decimal places under Qty, Unit Price and Amount column
  • Description displays as multi line instead of being trimmed and restricted to a single line

Purchase Orders

  • Description character limit increased from 500 to 2000, allowing for more information to be populated in the description field
  • PO Number increased from 10 to 25 characters which allows for longer PO numbers to be set and extracted within Lightyear
  • Set a PO Supplier: Control your purchasing list by marking select suppliers as a ‘PO Supplier’ enabling you to create POs against them
  • Restoring Voided POs: Return a Voided PO to the workflow to reverse an accidental delete

Credit Terms

Take your pick! New options to give you greater control per supplier over what’s populated in the Due Date field. In addition to the existing settings, we've now included:

  • Due on Receipt populates the same as Invoice Date (for 0 day or COD terms)
  • Do Not Populate leaves as blank by default

Grouped Data Per Supplier

This was previously introduced as a company setting, so it was on for every supplier or none at all. Now you can choose which suppliers you use Grouped Data for with this setting at a supplier level.

What's Next

  • POs - Copy Data from PO to Bill

When a Purchase Order Line has been matched to a Bill Line, users can use the coded data, i.e. GL Codes, Categories 1 and 2, and Misc. Line Ref, from the PO to update the Bill via Bulk actions from within the Bill View in Approvals.

  • POs - Bulk Accept Match and Bulk Unmatch All

Within the PO Matching Modal, users can select multiple lines and choose to either Bulk Accept Match on Partially Matched lines, or Bulk Unmatch lines which have been previously matched.

  • POs - Auto-Order

If the setting has been enabled, Purchase Orders that have been fully approved will automatically move into the Ordered tab, and an email will be sent to the selected Supplier if necessary, reducing unnecessary Ordering steps for businesses that do not have a centralised Ordering process.

  • Create PO on Mobile App

While using the Mobile App, users with relevant permissions will be able to Create a Purchase Order and send on for Approval.

Accounts connected to NetSuite will see some enhancements coming very soon! These are some of the features you can look forward to:

  • Attachments - Send the PDF attachment of the Bill/Credit Note into NetSuite, along with the extracted data.
  • Auto-Publish - Export Bills/Credit Notes to NetSuite without needing to see it. Simply upload to Lightyear and we'll code it based on your settings and send into NetSuite automatically.
  • Sync Projects - Import your Projects into Lightyear and select these on the lines of Bills/Credit Notes to be coded and exported back into NetSuite.
  • Unread Notes

Notes on Bills/Credit Notes/Purchase Orders that have not been read by any user will be flagged with an icon to indicate there is a new note.

  • Document Rotation and File Name

If a document within Panel 3 has been rotated, the new orientation will save, if you click away to another document and back to the original, the rotation will stick. Downloading a document within Lightyear will download with the original file name that was used when the document was uploaded or recieved into the system via email.

  • Approval Task Email Notification Link

When approving a task from the Email Notification, users will be able to go directly into Lightyear's My Tasks page to see all pending tasks and approve.

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