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Our Experience of Satago - Pink Pig

More and more firms are looking again at what Satago can do for them and for their clients.

Here’s what Cheryl Sharp – CEO of Pink Pig Financials – had to say about her experience as a new Satago partner:
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What made Pink Pig look again at Satago?

Although Satago was on my radar, because we’d been using Chaser it wasn’t something that was on my

immediate radar.

Then I saw a post from a friend recommending you. I knew he was with Chaser before as well, so I was like, “Oh, what’s going on there, then?”

I spoke to him and asked him his reasons and what he thought. He just absolutely raved about you.

So I was like, “Right, let’s have a chat”.

Cheryl Sharp – CEO of Pink Pig Financials

What goals did Pink Pig have?

I wanted to understand what we could get out the platform, how it could help us. And I do think credit control is quite a big and important service to our firm, but we’d never been able to get it off the ground before.

So I thought it’s worth trying a different tact. And the pricing was better, as well, so that helped!

I just wanted to give it a go. See how it worked for us first, then see how we could potentially roll it out to clients and start making some money out of it, which is something we never managed to do before. 

What have you done in your first two months as a Satago partner?

I’ve got my own practice connected. I’ve rejigged the templates to our tone of voice. We’ve got that going and it’s working. 

We’ve also connected all of our clients, so we can see how much they’ve got outstanding as well.

We can easily pinpoint which clients have potentially got an issue, especially in line with some of the things they’ve been saying to us as well.

We’ve started reaching out to a couple of clients - the ones we feel would really benefit. So that’s going well.

I think one of the things I struggled with before was how to price [Credit control services] and how to set it up as a service. So we’ve spent some time with Seni [Cheryl’s Account Manager] to look at that. The Credit Control as a Service Handbook has really helped to pinpoint our service levels and the options we’ve got available.

Did the tools in Satago tell you there were clients with that need, or did you know that already?

We kind of knew it anyway because we talk to our clients and review them, obviously.

But I guess clients don’t necessarily see it as an issue - they just see it as part of business.

With clients not moaning about it - and when we’ve spoken to them they’ve just batted it away, it’s not something then that we would really prioritise.

But seeing it there more in black and white and seeing risk structure and everything - actually, we need to be a bit more authoritative here. 

We need to say, “No, you have got an issue. You don’t think is a problem, but it is a problem”. 

What advice would you give to people that are thinking about getting started with Satago?

I think the first thing is not to panic, not to stress. It’s something new, but it is going to be worth it.

Reach out to your account manager and really make the most of them because they’ve been brilliant with being proactive, putting calls in the diary to check on our progress and making sure that we’re using the platform, which I think is really good.  

How many times do you sign up for software and then you are like, “I’ll get round to it another day” and never do it?

The Risk Insights and the Portfolio Overview have been brilliant because it’s really helped us to not just ‘throw spaghetti’ and send stuff out to all of our clients. It’s enabled us to pinpoint which ones to start with.

So we’ll start small, build our confidence. And then we’re going to do a big launch and a big campaign. We’ll tell all of our clients, but it’s been nice to be able to start small and pinpoint those that we really think will benefit the most.  

What’s next?

I feel like we’ve got a really viable service that we can offer clients, which they never really thought of before.

We’ve put our service blog together and our service page on our website, so we’ve got that ready to send out to clients. 

We’re also putting together a webinar for clients and prospects to talk about getting paid. Something that’s going to be really valuable for clients and potential clients. 

I think having a paid webinar will make it more valuable because we’re going to put in more things to make it more valuable, but it’ll also get commitment from people to actually watch it.

And then afterwards you’ve got that passive income - we’re going to put it on a gated page. 

I know it’s not going to make us millions or anything, but it’s “Every little helps”. 

And that is the goal, isn’t it? To have your business making money while you sleep.

Accountants can struggle with the idea of selling, but you can’t just keep adding free stuff, can you?

No, you can’t.  I’m also a real big believer that you don’t have apps for apps sake. It’s got to solve a problem and it’s got to make your life easier because otherwise, what’s the point? 

It’s all about taking the processes and services you’ve already got and making them better. Not just adding something for the sake of adding something.

It’s making your service better or making your clients’ lives easier or your life easier. And that’s what you’re using it for.

And I really do believe that this is something that can help make our clients lives better by not being so stressed about people owing them money.

Thank you to Cheryl for sharing her experience.

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