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Power your business with Next Business Energy and Xero Connect in Australia

February 12, 2021

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Looking to get on top of your business’s energy consumption? Xero Connect is now integrating with Next Business Energy in Australia, allowing small businesses to manage their electricity usage and costs more seamlessly.

An award-winning energy retailer, Next Business Energy provides electricity plans for small, medium and large businesses in Victoria, NSW, South Australia, the ACT and South East Queensland.

The new Xero Connect integration means Next Business Energy customers using Xero can opt to export electricity bills directly into their Xero account. This eliminates manual data entry and reduces administrative burden.

Customise your energy experience

An Australian-operated energy retailer, Next Business Energy provides electricity plans tailored to individual business needs, with benefits including:

  • Business-only energy and detailed data insights. Next Business Energy provides access to interval energy usage (if you have an interval or smart meter) to pinpoint where you can potentially reduce consumption and save on your bills.
  • Competitive pricing. Next Business Energy provides transparency over its pricing and offers, also providing the default market offer in each state.  
  • Business energy specialists. Next Business Energy offers customised services for businesses small and large, including mapping invoicing to suit your business’s needs with their SmartBilling process, from complex multi-site billing to simple single-location invoicing.

Take charge of your energy use while keeping your finances under control

Next Business Energy customers have access to NextConnect, a 24/7, on-demand energy insights portal. This allows feedback on business energy usage with data accuracy. Combining the power of NextConnect with the Xero Connect integration, Xero customers using Next Business Energy for their business are able to track their energy use and their costs hand-in-hand. Electricity bills can be directly exported to Xero accounts as a pending transaction – offering a seamless application of payments through Xero and enabling you to check an administrative task off your list.

“Next Business Energy is excited to be partnering with Xero to provide small businesses with a new time-saving experience that will simplify the way bills are received,” says James Bonwick, Executive General Manager Sales and Marketing at Next Business Energy. “For several years now, we’ve used Xero for our own business needs, so it’s an exciting development for us to be establishing an integration with Xero Connect – for the benefit of other businesses and our mutual customers.”

The Next Business Energy integration is now available to Xero customers in the selected locations across Australia. More details on how to activate the integration is available on the Xero Connect website.

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