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Product Spotlight: New Mobile App, Timesheet Break Improvements, And More...

July 9, 2024

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Unlike us in the marketing team, our developers actually do a lot of useful things here at NextMinute.

They continuously work to improve the software for you and your crew, and have been flat out in the background preparing some epic new features.

Let’s dive in and see what’s coming up.

New Mobile App (coming soon)

NextMinute rocks, now literally 🤘. Check out our video giving a taste of how our new mobile app (coming soon) will look and feel.

What’s new?

  • Fully redesigned mobile app for iOS and Android - The new app is easier to navigate and use thanks to our awesome developer, Anton.
  • Rebuilt from the ground up - We’ve completely rebuilt the app on a much faster, more stable infrastructure.
  • Dark mode - Back in black. Easier on the eyes, and your mates will think you’re pretty cool.
  • It’ll keep getting better - We’re committed to continuous development of our mobile app to make sure it’s your favourite tool on site.

Stay tuned for an official launch date.

Timesheet Break Enhancements

You asked, we listened. Very soon, timesheets will enable your crew to input the exact time of their break, and upload photos to jobs via the timesheet interface.  

This helps you get an accurate report of the time staff were on site, see what was done, and see the exact times breaks were taken.

With a few clicks, you can quickly generate an accurate report of time on site for yourself or your client.

Job Charges Improvements

We never thought we’d write this, but job charges are now sexy. We’ve given the job cards a fresh new look to help you see and understand job charge information faster.

Customisable Order Status

Previously, when creating an order in NextMinute, you could choose from three default order statuses to filter and monitor their progress - pending, cancelled, and complete.

You can now create any order status you want in the settings. For example, you might want to use ‘Query Pricing’ or ‘Delayed’ to better manage your orders. Simple as.

This feature is live and ready to use in your account today.

Hidden Gem #1 💎: Job Charges Report

Have a client that wants a full breakdown of job charges? That could take hours of admin work calculating time, materials, variations and disbursements. But not with NextMinute.

Our Job Charges Report enables you to generate a full overview of all your job costs with a few clicks. You can easily hide your purchase prices so it’s ready to send to the client.

Hidden Gem #2 💎: Talk-To-Text

This functionality has been around forever lurking in the shadows. When we show it to customers, they flip their lids.

Did you know you and your crew can use talk-to-text on your phone to enter notes and task information for your crew?

Key benefits:

  • Easy site notes for your crew - After a tough day on the tools, you might have a hard time getting your crew to type on site notes for their timesheets on a tiny screen. But they can just use talk-to-text to grunt out a few sentences, the phone will convert it to text, and you’ll be fully in the know.
  • Easy entering of task details - Keeping your crew in the loop of what needs to be done, when, and by who is a big part of managing a construction business. With NextMinute, you can create tasks on a job or job stage, assign it to your crew, and talk-to-text to describe exactly what needs to be done.

Check out Marc showing you how talk-to-text works in this video.

That’s all for now folks. Smash that subscribe button below to stay tuned on future product updates.

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