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Product update: Quick start pods and branded emails

April 5, 2022

Five big ones this month, so let’s go!

  1. Quick-start pods
  2. Branded emails
  3. Video background blur
  4. WorkflowMax integration
  5. Copy invitation button

The story so far…

Catch up with all of our product updates >

1. Quick-start pods

Get a new meeting pod up-and-running in seconds.

When you create a new pod, you’re presented with some new options. You can start a new pod from scratch (as before) OR you can choose a quick-start template pod.

Quick-start pods template pods come with a pre-populated meeting agenda which you can edit at any time.

Quick-start pods

Currently we have six quick-start pods, for both internal (team) meetings and external (client) meetings.

  1. Daily stand-up (internal)
  2. One-to-one (internal)
  3. Business advisory quarterly (client)
  4. Discovery call (client)
  5. Partnership discovery (external)
  6. Onboarding (client)

What templates would you like to see?

What are the most common types of meeting/pod that you find yourself setting up over and over again? We’d love to know!

2. Branded emails

Our users love the fact that Connect4 pods can be branded with their own logo. Many have been asking when they’ll also be able to brand the emails that come from the app too.

Well, ask and you shall receive.

Users who have a paid subscription that includes branding should notice that all emails that come from the app will include the organisation’s logo. These emails include:

  • Pod invitations (clients and team members)
  • Admin
  • Meeting agendas
  • Meeting summaries
Branded emails

3. Video background blur

You asked, we delivered. You can now blur your background at the touch of a button. Just click the little icon in the bottom right corner!

Blur your background

4. WorkflowMax integration

Following last month’s announcement that you can sign-up to Connect4 with your Xero account, we’ve taken this a step further to allow you to integrate Connect4 with Xero’s project management platform, WorkflowMax.

WorkflowMax & Connect4

Our latest integration (following our integration with Karbon practice management) allows you to import your teammates directly from WorkflowMax.

Import teammates from Xero’s WorkflowMax

Find out how to integrate WorkflowMax with Connect4 >

Note: WorkflowMax is a very similar product to Xero Practice Manager. Our next step will be to integrate fully with XPM.

5. Copy invitation button

When you create/edit a meeting you now have the option of copying an invitation to your clipboard. Which is pretty handy!

Copy invitation

What do YOU want to see next month?

That’s a wrap for this month, onto the next.

Development on Connect4 is driven by our users. Let us know what you’d like to see on the platform. What do you like? What do you hate?! Keep sending your ideas to

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