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Receipts can tell a story too!

Donors who reach out to you through their pockets need to be reassured that the money they donate is being honoured in the way the funds were requested. They also want to be reassured that the money has significant value. In other words, it is helping deliver the significant change it was intended for…
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All of the above requires communications from the charity back to the donor – and there are several ways to do this:

  • ‘Thank you’ via email response at the time of donation.
  • Statements & Receipts.
  • Periodic newsletters.
  • Annual reports.
  • Website.

We at infoodle see statements and receipts as a great way to communicate a charities messaging. It gives an opportunity to show the donor that the charity has honoured correctly the donors request by showing clear details on the transactions involved and an opportunity to focus on the campaigns donated to. They can also be used to communicate your upcoming campaigns.

Achieving this can be challenging as it relies on 3 pieces of content:

Accurate contact information

This data is best stored in a CRM because on going interactions with the donors will ensure the data is maintained by the donor themselves or internal staff maintaining the database. Having the data that the staff or donors interact with in your accounting package most often means additional effort to ensure it is maintained in more than one place.

Accurate transaction information

Xero provides all the tools you need to capture this data.


This is the words and pictures that provide the content you want to communicate to the donors.

Having gathered these 3 things, you can envisage the challenges to get these together in a manageable way. Exporting CRM data and exporting transaction data then merging that together. Building the template in some system or other that can then merge the CRM and transaction data. This, in general, is not for everyone. Sure, you can provide a simple donor receipt, but that’s missing a key communications opportunity.

Infoodle simplifies this process to a few clicks. It provides a hub for storing and managing your CRM data, it integrates with xero to automatically import transactional data. It provides tools so you can create attractive templates that are used in the receipting and statement functions which brings this all together. The statement and receipts can then be emailed or posted out as required.

Infoodle is all about reducing administrative effort to produce great results so that the community you serve and are supported by are cared for. It’s all about people after all.

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