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Reduce the hidden costs of managing expense claims for your clients and your practice

Whether you’re an accountant, business owner, or an employee needing to be reimbursed, managing expenses claims is often a manual, painful process. But the new Xero Expenses is here to fix that. Tightly integrated with Xero accounting, Xero Expenses is an automated, powerful, mobile solution that reduces data entry and streamlines the entire expense claims process...
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With everyone working from one platform, you and your clients can easily access the same, up-to-date information and collaborate from anywhere. This means less time processing expense claims and more time delivering valuable advice and support to your clients.

A better way to manage expenses

Staying on top of expense claims is important to businesses and their employees, but sorting through stacks of receipts or managing spreadsheets is not a good use of your or your team’s valuable time.

Staff that work away from the office or entertain clients often have to pay for petrol, food, and other expenses out of their own pocket. This gets expensive, so prompt reimbursement is understandably important.

However, keeping hold of each receipt until the end of the trip and then sitting down to do all the data entry in one go is painful, and will often be left until the last minute. This leaves employees frustrated and businesses with a poor gauge of cash flow and an incomplete picture of how money is being spent.

To address this, Xero has been working closely with small businesses and accounting partners to understand their key pain points and what they really need. From business owners and their advisors, through to admin staff and employees, Xero have reimagined the expense claims process to be a more simple, insightful and beautiful experience for everyone.

Xero Expenses is designed for a modern, more mobile business. It makes the expense claims process less time consuming and more accurate, while providing advisors with the control and analytics needed to deliver superior insights and advice to their clients.

Delivering more value to Xero partners and small businesses

The new Xero Expenses offers a more cost-effective way to manage expense claims through:

  • Greater efficiency: automated workflows make submitting expense claims easier and reduces manual data entry. With the collaborative features Xero Expenses offers, business owners, employees and advisors can work together easily from the same platform.
  • Better visibility: stay informed with a quick, up-to-date view of claims so you always know where your expenses and cash flow stand and what requires attention.
  • Enable growth: with the ability to track expense categories, businesses and advisors can monitor and understand expense patterns. With access to data at any time, from anywhere, it’s easy to manage cash flow, and make quick, informed decisions.
  • Easier collaboration: Xero Expenses works seamlessly with the rest of Xero to keep all your financial data on the same platform. With one Xero login, business owners, employees and advisors can complete the task they need to do and collaborate from anywhere, at any time.

The key benefits of Xero Expenses

  • Submit expenses with a photo: submit expenses on the move with your iOS or Android device. Just take a picture of the receipt and Xero Expenses will automatically convert the amount, purchase date, supplier and account fields into text.
  • Manage everything in Xero: with just one login for Xero and Xero Expenses you can be sure you’re not double-handling information. Real-time tracking helps you and your team manage expenses from anywhere.
  • Eliminate hidden costs: reduce data entry and streamline the entire expenses process from submitting them to reconciling transactions in Xero.
  • Stay in control: set access levels for staff and choose who can view, submit, approve or pay expenses claims. By being able to control user access you can keep sensitive information private and simplify the expense claims process.

Xero Expenses for accounting and bookkeeping partners

As an added benefit of being a Xero partner, Xero Expenses is free for accountants and bookkeepers within their Xero Practice org. And because Xero Expenses works seamlessly with the rest of the Xero platform you’ll be able to get valuable insights and make informed decisions about your practice.

Submit expenses on your clients’ behalf, or set permissions and categories to make it easier for them to fill in their expenses themselves. Making submitting expenses easier will mean clients will do it more often, which in turn means better visibility into the business’s cash position.

Get rewards

Earn partner points and reach the next partner status level faster. You can get points when you actively use Xero Expenses in your practice, and for every client subscribed to Xero Expenses.

Don’t take our word for it...

For Tony Bennett, an accountant and Xero Partner for Bellingham Wallace Ltd, using Xero Expenses has made life a whole lot easier for him and his clients.

“We highly recommend Xero Expenses as smart, easy to use modern technology,” he says. “It has automated the expense claim process for our business. It speeds up the submission process and makes a seamless flow through to payment.”

Why leave it there?

To find out how you can get your business started on Xero Expenses

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