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Save time! Meet UpSheets

Processing payroll in Xero may be easy, but getting your data in can be a different story. The process of entering timesheets, leave and payslips quickly becomes time-consuming and prone to potentially costly errors. Upsheets uploads your payroll data from spreadsheets in a few clicks while you do better things…
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Payroll is one of the most important functions of any business and Xero provides some great functionality to manage the process. However, the biggest problem is often getting your data into Xero in the first place.

Even a small business with a few employees may require a significant amount of time to manually enter and validate payroll data before processing it in Xero. Add in a few different earnings rates and tracking categories and you can quickly have a major job on your hands. Aside from the time it takes to manually complete this task, there is also the cost of any errors to be considered. Underpay an employee and you will know about it immediately, overpay one and you may never know. You probably have no idea how much your manual payroll processing is really costing your business.

Whether put together manually or extracted from another system,  businesses typically end up with some kind of spreadsheet they need to get into Xero.  UpSheets solves this problem by allowing you to import, validate and then upload this data directly to Xero – saving you time and making costly payroll errors a thing of the past.

How does it work?

The wizard-based interface walks you through the process one step at a time. After validating the file, you can edit the data and make any corrections in UpSheets before uploading it to Xero. You can also approve timesheets and create pay runs with a couple of clicks. The final step is to post the pay run in Xero when you are ready to pay your employees.

UpSheets supports the following transactions:

  • Timesheets (including Tracking Categories)
  • Leave Requests
  • Payslips (Earnings, Allowances, Reimbursements, Deductions, Leave Accruals)

Multiple Organisations

UpSheets lets you add multiple Xero organisations to your account and easily switch between them in the same session. Xero demo organisations are always free, so you can experiment with them as much as you like without any cost.

Access and Security

In order to link UpSheets to Xero, you must have payroll access. However once linked, you may then delegate organisation access to other users. This provides them with the ability to upload data to Xero, but they can’t actually pay an employee. A common scenario is managers being responsible for uploading data for their employees. A user with payroll access then checks them before posting the pay run in Xero and paying the employees.

Availability and Cost

UpSheets is free to try for 30 days (no credit card required) and there are several pricing plans available tailored to businesses of all sizes. UpSheets is currently available in Australia with New Zealand and UK integrations currently in development and scheduled for release later in 2019.

Why leave it there?

Try UpSheets FREE for 30 days. Reduce errors. Save time. No more copy & paste. Receive 25% off your first 3 months!

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