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Savings Vaults now live for GB customers on Standard plans

July 26, 2021

Restrictions have lifted! So, it’s only natural that we’ll spend a little more. But that doesn’t mean our savings should suffer. Vaults are the fastest, easiest way to save money. With Savings Vaults, you can earn 0.15% interest on your funds and reach your financial goals faster. Ker-ching!
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Here’s how you can maximise your money with Savings Vaults:

Standard plans can now earn 0.15% annual interest paid daily on your GBP funds

Let the cash pile up with daily interest. Upgrade to one of our paid plans to get up to 0.4% interest on GBP and 0.65% on USD.

Fund it your way and withdraw instantly, any time

There are loads of ways to fund your Savings Vault securely. Choose one-off transfers to fund as you go, or make it effortless with scheduled deposits and spare change roundups. Stash your cash without the fear of commitment or fees - just interest. Then, withdraw money whenever you need it.

Your money is protected

Enjoy peace of mind when you save. With up to £85,000 covered by the FSCS, your money's secure in Savings Vaults.\Ready to start saving towards your financial goals?

Ready to start saving towards your financial goals?

• Make sure you’ve got the latest version of the app
• Head to Hub > Vaults
• Create a Savings Vault or activate daily interest on your GBP Personal Vault
• Sit back and watch your money grow

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