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Securely share client documents and get them signed electronically – all within Xero

April 1, 2021

We’re very pleased to let you know that document packs are now available to all Xero partners in Australia. They’ll be a real time-saver at tax time, and will help you say goodbye to chasing handwritten signatures all year round.
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Document packs in Xero HQ make it easy to digitally collate client documents and finalised tax returns, then share everything that needs to be signed – all within Xero.

Xero partners who piloted document packs told us how much they loved being able to combine management reports and BAS returns and send them to be signed at the same time. They found that being able to do everything in Xero is timesaving and seamless.

“Our signing process has decreased from an average of 20 minutes per document to less than five minutes by using document packs.” Maneesha Marzol from Marzol Holloway

How it works

You can add published reports to a document pack so your client can review their year-end material all together. If your client group has multiple entities, they can all be combined in the same pack.

You can also add any supporting documents that aren’t generated in Xero, like cover letters, directors resolutions and group tax summaries. Just upload them from your computer to the pack.

Once everything’s collated into a pack, use Xero Sign powered by Adobe Sign to add signature lines to each document you need signed. Then send the whole pack to your client through Xero. They get an email with a link to log in to a secure Xero portal where they can view, sign and send the documents back to you. You receive real-time status updates in Xero which let you track when your client receives and opens the document pack, and you get an email notification as soon as a document is signed.

Clients only receive the documents that they need to sign, along with any supporting documents – making document packs a great option for an entire client group.

If you use Xero Tax, you can continue to send returns that need signing directly to a client or add them to a document pack to combine with other documents.

Buy your Xero Sign bundle today

To get started with e-signing, you need to buy a Xero Sign bundle that can be used with document packs or Xero Tax. Bundles are available from 1 April 2021 and Xero Sign usage is free until midnight 14 April 2021.

Simply go to Xero HQ, click Ask > Document packs > Xero Sign and then follow the prompts to purchase the bundle that’s right for you:

All pricing is in AUD and includes GST. See Xero Sign pricing details.

We’ll continue to add new features to document packs and will tell you about them as soon as they’re ready.

Why leave it there?

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