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simPRO Partner Programme: Exclusive Partnership for Accountants Working with Trade Contracting Businesses

The new Partner Programme from simPRO helps accountants distinguish themselves as a trusted consultant for trade contracting businesses. Discover the benefits of the simPRO Partner Programme and how the right software solution can give accountants the tools they need to help their trade contracting clients succeed.
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Accounting consultants for trade contracting businesses have the opportunity to provide financial advice to help their clients succeed. To strengthen that relationship with those clients even further, accountants can go beyond offering basic financial insights and provide expertise tailored to specific industry needs.

How? With the right software solution, trade contracting businesses have access to vital financial information that will help them identify costly processes and understand which parts of their business are most profitable.

To help accountants easily access this level of information for their trade contracting clients, simPRO (a top-rated field service management software platform) has launched a new Partner Programme. After two years of successfully helping partners, the simPRO Partner Programme has been enhanced to provide even more support for accountants working to help their trade contracting clients become more efficient and improve cash flow.  

Accountants who partner with simPRO gain exclusive access to training discounts for their clients, a knowledge transfer session and other helpful resources.

Benefits of the new simPRO Partner Programme

To truly help trade contracting businesses become more profitable, accountants need to be able to easily access financial reports and insights. By partnering with simPRO, accountants will receive access to their clients’ financial and business details in their simPRO database.

“Such an easy recommendation to clients. The moment when a client sits down with the team and sees simPRO for the first time is priceless. An indispensable tool for field service businesses to drive processes and effectively manage staff in the field. Our clients tell us they have more visibility, control and most crucially more free time.” - Grant Smith, Armstrong Watson Accountants

Then, using simPRO’s BI Reporting feature, accountants can create customised reports, dashboards and data visualisations from the information their client has entered into simPRO. This customised reporting functionality will help accountants guide their trade contracting clients toward a model of data-driven decision making.

Additionally, when partnering with simPRO, accountants will be supported by a dedicated simPRO Partner Manager. This expert will make the best possible recommendations for trade contracting clients so they can use software to streamline business processes, ultimately making work easier for accountants.

New simPRO customers referred by their accountant as part of the Programme will receive benefits as well in the form of special discounts on software implementation and user training and access to unlimited local technical support.

Why accounting professionals trust simPRO to manage their clients’ businesses

Many trade contracting businesses perform a variety of services. They may provide recurring maintenance on commercial heating systems, complete multi-stage new construction projects, or be available for emergency service repairs.

simPRO is a unique software in the trade contracting industry in that it has features to manage service jobs, maintenance work and projects all from one system. Trade contracting businesses can quote a job, schedule their engineers, track project progress, invoice customers, and manage all areas of their business from a single, cloud-based platform. Additionally, simPRO seamlessly integrates with Xero so trade contracting businesses can manage their financial information and job information all in one location.

“The Xero integration with simPRO saves our business on average 104 hours of administration time per month by automating the sales and purchase invoices between the two systems, meaning no double handling of the data,” said John Trickett of Firesec.

Accountants who want to offer trusted solutions to their trade contracting clients can count on simPRO to provide software tools which are customised to their unique needs. Also, by offering trade contracting clients a solution that improves overall business management based on industry best practices, accountants gain greater credibility and can distinguish themselves as a source of expertise.

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