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Smart Engagement Letters That Adapt To You

October 15, 2020

Meet the highest levels of risk and compliance standards with OverSuite™ by GoProposal. A suite of Smart Engagement Letters that evolve with regulatory changes & auto-update in GoProposal for you.
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Standard Engagement Letter templates are not a good enough starting point

Standard engagement letter templates are a set of building blocks. But YOU are then expected to have the relevant legal, regulatory and compliance knowledge to assemble those templates into a suite of working engagement letters. These need to reflect your firm and the clients you serve so you can manage the expectations and risks of all parties. And this is all before you can even think about automating their production.

Because this is such an arduous task, most firms end up falling short of even their most basic regulatory requirements, leaving them exposed to risk. At best, they end up with overly complicated documents that are difficult to understand by the client and by everyone in the firm.

But…. they have the potential to be so much more.

The missed opportunity that most firms can’t even consider

Expertly crafted engagement letters can not only help you to meet your regulatory obligations and protect your firm from risk, but they can do so much more.

They can be used to clearly set out expectations, to help your clients become better clients and help your team to fully understand what’s expected of them too.

They can strengthen relationships through their clarity and lengthen relationships through the trust that they build. Because through these documents, you can actually demonstrate the highest levels of firm-wide, long-term, client care.

But to achieve this level, you would need a team of experts within your firm, working closely with you to produce this suite of engagement letters that reflect the changing nature of your firm, your clients and the regulatory landscape.

Unless….. that expertise was built into the engagement letters themselves.

Create a library of Smart Engagement Letters in seconds with OverSuite™

  • Developed by professionals with over 30 years of experience working at the forefront of compliance
  • Compliant to the highest standards of AAT, ACCA, AIB, ATT, CAI, CIMA, CIPFA, CIT, CPAA, IAB, ICAEW, ICAS, ICB and IFA
  • Continually evolving to meet changing regulations
  • Automatically updated in GoProposal for permanent protection
  • Written in plain English to make them more accessible & client-friendly
  • Commercially considered for progressive accounting businesses
  • Auto-generated via our wizard & easily editable

Smart Engagement Letters

With simple, known inputs, OverSuite will build out your library of engagement letters that meet the highest possible standards of risk and compliance in your firm.

It will be as though you had a team of experts continually working with you, constantly scanning the regulatory landscape to ensure they’re always giving you and your clients the highest levels of protection.

Over 30 Service Schedules

GoProposal is THE most sophisticated system for generating engagement letters, especially in the way it automatically incorporates only the relevant service schedules. Our OverSuite™ Standard Pack contains over 30 smart service schedules, outlining both your and your client’s key responsibilities, and which we are always updated for you to meet changing regulations. These also come pre-loaded with GoProposal, along with wizard-generated services and pricing.

Smart Terms & Conditions

Having terms and conditions professionally produced to accommodate the specific circumstances of YOUR firm can cost thousands. We’ve generated a unique system that will generate your Smart Terms & Conditions using our self-adaptive technology, to ensure you comply with the highest regulatory standards. These can be easily updated as your firm grows and evolves.

Who Are The Experts Behind OverSuite™?

GoProposal is working with the UK's leading experts on professional ethics and regulatory compliance for accountancy practices and their clients

Valerie StewardAt The Forefront Of Compliance For Over 30 Years
Ian WatersExtensive Experience In Regulatory Oversight And Compliance

Why leave it there?

OverSuite™ will be launched in October 2020 to current GoProposal members and November 2020 to the rest of the UK

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