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Starling Bank introduces a new Bulk Payments feature to help small businesses pay suppliers and support payroll

September 7, 2022

Business banking customers can make Bulk Payments to multiple recipients from their GBP business account in one go
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Starling Bank’s business banking customers can now make Bulk Payments to multiple recipients. The new subscription service can be used to help support payroll, reimburse staff expenses or pay suppliers, all at the same time.

The Bulk Payments feature has been launched by Starling to process payments at scale for businesses. With small businesses in the UK accounting for 48% of employment and 36% of turnover in 202, the new feature will save business owners time and effort so that they can focus on growth.

The new feature is available to UK business customers with GBP accounts through Starling’s Online Banking platform for £7 a month. Customers simply add the feature to their subscriptions within the app, log into Online Banking and complete a template with recipients’ details.

Those who are new to Starling can download the app, apply for a business account and then sign up for Bulk Payments once the business account is verified and open. For a limited time, new subscribers can also use Bulk Payments for free during their first month.

Helen Bierton, Chief Banking Officer at Starling Bank, comments: “Four years ago, we welcomed our first business customers to Starling. Since then, many will have hired their first employee or freelancer, some will have grown into fully-fledged teams, and others will have become more established companies with hundreds of employees. Our Bulk Payments feature supports all these customers' needs for making regular payments to multiple recipients, freeing up their time so they can focus less on banking and more on building their business.”

Find out more about Bulk Payments at Starling Business here.

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