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November 24, 2022

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We’re back with another big improvement to Spending Insights, hot on the heels of 36 new spending categories created in June.

This time, the whole Spending Insights tab has had a refresh. Everything you already love is still there, and there’s some new features to discover too.

Just update your app to enjoy the changes. Take a look

Chart your spending

Spending screen

Check out your spending in bar chart form, and spot trends immediately.

The graph is defaulted to show your spending for the current month. Just swipe back and forth on the graph to shuffle through previous months.

Tap on an individual bar, and we’ll show you a total for the time period it represents.

What's your perfect date?

Date range picker

Prefer to compare weekly spending instead? Just tap the date range and choose ‘This week’ instead. If you’ve never changed the range, it will be labelled as ‘This month’.

When you swipe back on the graph now, you’ll be scrolling through previous weeks.

You can also select ‘This year’. To see a specific period, such as a recent holiday, create a custom range. Again, swipe on the chart to compare previous periods of the same length.

Include bills in Insights

Bills manager

Paying bills from a Space? You can now see these transactions, plus spending from your Kite and Connected Card Spaces, in Insights.

Tap the ‘Personal’ tab next to the date range to add spending from your Spaces. You can toggle these on and off any time you like.

Spending from your Spaces will be tagged, so it’s easy to work out the source.

More about the changes here

New spending categories are live

Spending categories

We recently launched 36 new spending categories. From Takeaways to Taxis, Gaming to Garden: select the right category for a purchase, and get a deeper understanding of how you spend your money.

Just tap a transaction, then the existing category, to reassign it. You can apply the category to all past and present spending at that merchant.

Make the most of spending categories

Why leave it there?

To learn more about Starling

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