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The future of restaurant management is in the cloud

Cloud technology has disrupted the restaurant industry and has changed the way restaurateurs and their customers do business. This massive transformation has had a powerful impact on the F&B industry, and restaurant owners worldwide are now seen increasingly embracing the Cloud…
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The evolution of technology has created a new generation of restaurateurs who have elevated restaurant operations from simple order taking and fulfilment businesses, to streamlined digitally-augmented services that are supported by cutting-edge software features like real-time order tracking, delivery management, customer insights and customer relationship management.

A new era of restaurant management

A new era of restaurant management has dawned with cloud-based software solutions. Cloud applications are easy to set up, and can get operations up and running in minutes. They are powered with the ability to run on any web-based device – desktops, laptops, tablets and even mobile phones — and being hosted on the cloud, all a restaurant owner needs to get started is an Internet connection. No expensive servers, proprietary hardware or complex IT infrastructure that are typically required for premise-based solutions.

Cloud-based applications generally have a LIVE dashboard, from where restaurant owners and management can access detailed reports on various aspects of their business, measure key performance indicators, and analyze consumer behavior. Business owners get real-time actionable insights into their sales and marketing metrics, empowering them to make informed business decisions and drive profitability.

Having a reliable restaurant management system and technology partner is critical to a restaurant’s efficiency and service levels. Cloud solutions allow tremendous control and visibility over every aspect of the business – from kitchen workflow and order fulfillment, to staff performance and customer behavior – from anywhere in the world.

The power of the cloud

From fine dining restaurants and QSRs, to food trucks and drive-thrus, the versatility of cloud-based applications offer solutions that suit every restaurant’s unique needs. Fully-integrated cloud restaurant management systems are essential to streamline operations and automate processes in the entire order workflow – order taking, preparation and fulfillment.

Cloud solutions simplify home deliveries with delivery management tools that help restaurant staff stay on top of their deliveries — from when
the order is placed to when it is delivered at their customer’s doorstep. Monitoring every stage of the process helps business owners analyze and identify bottlenecks, and optimize overall efficiency. Cloud-based restaurant management applications have fully-integrated customer relationship management (CRM) systems that let restaurant owners build their own database and curate customer insights like past orders and favorites, based on order history, empowering order-taking staff to engage with customers effectively and improve the quality of their service.

Scalability is great for every business and with cloud-based solutions, restaurant owners can grow with incredible ease. With no requirement of separate IT infrastructure, restaurateurs can add new branches and replicate their menu and configurations in minutes, and access their entire business under a central administration.

Cloud applications vastly improve productivity, optimize manpower, and enhance efficiency. Not to mention the benefits of sustainability and environmental viability that the cloud provides. And with IT support covered by the service provider, cloud solutions allow restaurant owners to focus on doing what they love – growing their business and creating delightful dining experiences for their customers.

Integrations – the complete solution

The ability to integrate partner cloud applications provide restaurant business owners with end-to-end solutions. Partner cloud-based restaurant management systems seamlessly integrate with Xero cloud accounting software, enabling automatic sync of sales data at the end of business day or at a specific time of choice. There is no manual data entry required; ruling out human error, saving time, reducing cost, and enabling an overall improved workflow.

“A fully-integrated cloud-based solution automates several processes and streamlines operations. Out-of-the-box integration with Xero addresses pain points of cost and data integrity, enabling an end-to-end restaurant management solution.”

As both environments are powered by the cloud, accountants can establish themselves as business advisors who guide restaurateurs and F&B consultants towards adopting practices that are total restaurant management solutions.

To sum up, cloud-based solutions are the future. They have revolutionized operations in the restaurant industry and have simplified complex processes. Powered with the ability to integrate out-of-the-box, cloud applications provide holistic solutions to restaurant management, greatly improving overall efficiency, ease of scalability, and customer experience. And with a move to the cloud, the early adopters are sure to enjoy the greatest benefits.

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