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The latest features to boost financial controls with ApprovalMax

2023 brought big changes to the ApprovalMax platform!

Learn more about our recent updates, fresh new look, and what’s coming soon.
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In 2023, we rolled out the most comprehensive feature updates for ApprovalMax to date. We’re proud to have brought all these new capabilities to businesses, accountants, bookkeepers, and anyone else using our product around the world.

With so many great updates, you might have missed a few. Don’t worry, though, we’ve got you covered with a thorough recap of the new features and functional enhancements unveiled throughout the year. Keep reading to learn more!

There were some big updates to ApprovalMax last year, including:

Goods received notes (GRN)

The long awaited goods received notes (GRN) feature provides the flexibility to update the status of received items – whether it’s fully received, partially received, or pending. With this, you can also add comments and attach relevant documents, improving the record-keeping process.

Picture a scenario where new stock is being delivered; by promptly updating the status, users get a big boost in efficiency and quickly see when goods are received. The updated status is prominently shown on the request page at the bottom of the screen and linked to the audit trail.

It’s also easy to navigate to the main menu where an additional tab shows the status of received parcels. This extra control even extends to reporting, allowing users to generate reports based on the current status of their goods. The GRN feature offers a smarter way to manage and monitor goods, providing better visibility and control for inventory.

Workflow version history

Workflow version history introduces an essential new tool that’s especially helpful for larger practices.

The feature is useful for detailed tracking of changes made to your workflows. Issues can arise when multiple administrators are updating a workflow at the same time so it’s critical to be able to see who made these changes, what they are, and when they happened.

Workflow version history addresses this concern by archiving every change made to the workflow. This comprehensive record lets users easily look into the history of the workflow to see past versions and changes, allowing them to to fix errors, better understand past workflows, and inform future updates.


Watchers is a feature highly anticipated by many ApprovalMax customers. It addresses a common need to involve individuals who are not designated as approvers for a request but still need to see how it’s progressing.

For instance, in a situation where a manager raised approvals some time ago and isn’t currently part of the approval workflow. With this new feature, this manager can be added to the request so they can receive updates without having the authority to approve, modify, or make changes. This functionality ensures relevant stakeholders, even if not directly involved in the approval process, can stay on top of crucial developments and outcomes.

Manual journal workflows

Manual journal workflows allow junior staff members into ApprovalMax without providing direct access to Xero. They can create journal entries, submit them for approval, and then enable senior staff to review and approve the entries before final posting into their respective accounting system.

This not only streamlines the process but also minimises the risk of errors to improve efficiencies and keep your accounting system secure.

Creating sales invoices (in ApprovalMax)

Based on ongoing feedback from our customers, ApprovalMax has introduced a new feature to generate sales invoices within the platform. Previously, users could raise purchase orders and grant access to staff for bill creation but had limited capability to create the sales invoices as part of this process.

With this new function, you can submit the invoices for approval and once fully approved they’ll be automatically sent to the designated customers, offering more control and efficiency in the sales invoicing workflow.

Workflow manager role

The new workflow manager role within ApprovalMax introduces a valuable layer of flexibility which is especially helpful for larger enterprises. This lets specific individuals modify workflows without giving them full administrative access. These designated workflow managers can make nuanced adjustments to the workflow.

Importantly, this role does not grant the authority to execute broader organisational changes, such as removing individuals from the organisation or altering the organisation’s name. Instead, it means users can make controlled changes solely within the context of the workflow, balancing customisation and administrative oversight.

New integrations

  • ApprovalMax for Cin7 Core
  • Payments with Airwallex
  • ApprovalMax Notifications in Slack

What’s next this year?

There’s plenty more to come in 2024. Stay tuned for more features, integrations, and enhancements ahead from the ApprovalMax team.

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