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Issue 18

The reason CRMs fail is because sales people hate them!

A sales & account management tool your team will LOVE…

Ask your sales team what they think about CRM systems and it is hard to imagine them professing their undying love for such a tool. That’s probably because their past relationships with CRM’s have been ‘complicated’.

In 2011 CEO and founder of Urgent Couriers Steve Bonnici searched for a customer management system to improve his sales teams effectiveness on the road, this resulted in a range of expensive, non-user friendly CRM systems his sales team would HATE. Bonnici sensed that if he couldn’t find a suitable product, then other businesses might be having the same problem. He asked around his industry colleagues and found few using a CRM but many needing to.

Built initially to satisfy the needs of a parcel delivery company the thinking quickly changed with the power of integrations with Xero, Workflow Max and Mailchimp resulting in the development of the award winning Exsalerate App.

Account Management your team will love

One of my favorite questions to ask businesses is who is your most valuable customer and when were you last in contact with them? You would be surprised how many do not know the answer, with Exsalerate we can tell you in less than 5 minutes. The account management dashboard reveals the lifetime value of customers, how long it has been since you last spoke to them and what activities are planned to retain their business, so can show your customers the love they deserve.

Love your sales pipeline

How many sales managers ask the question, what leads are going to close this month? Exsalerate’s visual sales pipeline with easy to move coloured tiles enable management to proactively deploy sales resources to close deals based on the quality of the lead or prospect and more importantly identify any potential issues based on easy to read caution signs.

Love your team

To successfully implement a CRM system your team need to love it, as Exsalerate was built from a business need it is engineered to be easy to use and simple to integrate with your favourite apps with a click of a button. A hub where all information is stored the sales team can effectively prioritise their day with to do lists to achieve sales goals and be recognised and rewarded in real time for closing deals, maintaining relationships, identifying new opportunities or any other KPIs that are set up within the Exsalerate system.

A simple to use, affordable business tool, the question is what’s not to love about Exsalerate CRM?

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