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There’s a brand new way to create a Statement of Position

November 25, 2022

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For Figured’s Australian customers, the Statement of Position has been a crucial feature within Figured since its launch last year. Since then, we’ve been working on a raft of new and improved features to make generating a Statement of Position on Figured more efficient, intuitive and customisable.

Aided by invaluable feedback we’ve received from our accounting partners in Australia, we’re proud to say we’ve achieved just that.

Meet the new and improved Statement of Position!

In the new Statement of Position, values are automatically mirrored from the Assets & Liabilities page, and you will now have the ability to edit and customise several aspects of the report directly in the Statement of Position page itself.

This includes the ability to make all the changes you need such as:

  • Editing values pulled from the Assets & Liabilities page
  • Editing account names and adding or hiding accounts
  • Creating custom groups and group headers
  • Adding notes and comments directly below each account section
  • Exporting the Statement of Position report in PDF, CSV, or copy to clipboard to import into your accounting platform

Most importantly the changes you make won’t flow back into other areas of Figured. So, when you change values, accounts or groups in the Statement of Position page, those changes will not affect values that appear anywhere else.

Find out more in our help centre articles here.

For our accountant customers, this release has significantly improved the ease and flexibility of generating a Statement of Position report. This bridges a gap that firms across Australia face today where they were unable to easily append and amend the farm data from Figured and their cloud accounting platform, and many were running complex, time-consuming workaround solutions. Now agri accountants and advisors can deliver expert advice, based on reliable data, enriched with financial insights more easily than ever.

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