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Think deeper: we interview James Taylor about our approach to Diversity & Inclusion and the road ahead for Revolut

April 27, 2022

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Our mission at Revolut is to make all things money easier, more useful, and more rewarding for everyone, everyday. To achieve this, we know that our workforce must be representative of our diverse customer base.

So, we spoke to newly appointed D&I Specialist James Taylor on our successes and challenges around the topic.

Diversity & inclusion are the latest buzzwords that everyone is throwing around, but what does it mean to you?

In its simplest form, D&I is all about enabling everyone to thrive, which undoubtedly is the right thing to do. Aside from that, there’s also a really robust business case which suggests companies that value D&I are more likely to outperform their competitors. Importantly, it allows us to attract the best talent to join our dream team. Only by seeking out diverse talent around the globe and by creating an inclusive workplace can we access the breadth of skills, abilities and creativity that we need to create exceptional and innovative products and services for our customers.

Is Revolut a diverse and inclusive workplace?

The honest answer is, aside from on the basis of gender and nationality, we don’t fully know. To better understand whether we are diverse and inclusive, in January 2022, we relaunched our diversity data collection campaign, known as #CountMeIn. We’ve had a great response and within the first few months, over 46% of Revoluters have shared their diversity with us. We hope to encourage more Revoluters to share their diversity data with us over the next few weeks and months, and this will then help us to better understand where we need to focus our efforts in relation to D&I. It will also enable us to be more transparent to our stakeholders - whether it be employees, customers, regulators, candidates - about our progress on D&I. Hopefully later in the year we’ll be able to share some of this with you.

What is Revolut's approach towards D&I?

In November 2021, we launched our inaugural D&I Framework, aimed at accelerating our progress on the topic. The framework is made up of eight strategic pillars which will help us focus our work on D&I, and include 'Tone from the Top’ and ‘Inclusive Workplace’. The framework is delivered by myself and my colleague Hannah Francis (Head of People Experience), with the support of our recently appointed ExCo D&I Sponsors.

It’s really important to own where we are. Importantly, we’ve acknowledged we have work to do, but we are committed to doing more. It’s also refreshing that we have the full support of our Board and ExCo on the topic, as in many organisations, this isn’t the case. We discuss our work on D&I with them every month, and they regularly get involved in our activities.

Does Revolut support D&I at the workplace? What are the initiatives you’ve put in place so far?

We’ve done a fair bit in the first quarter of the year. We ran focus groups with colleagues from across Revolut to better understand their experience in relation to D&I, and help inform our areas of focus moving forwards. Also, over 100 female colleagues participated in speed mentoring events aimed at supporting their career development, and we’ve released our second gender pay gap report to publicly hold ourselves to account for progress on gender equality.

Now I have my feet firmly under the table, there’ll be even more happening in Q2. In April we’re running some D&I training with our ExCo, with all employee training to follow later in the quarter. We’re also looking to launch some more activities to support female career development, as well as review some of our performance and recruitment practices, to ensure they support all Revoluters. We’ve also got big plans to celebrate Pride Month in June, which is fast approaching.

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